How do I Apply for Future Travel (AFFT)?


How do I Apply for Future Travel (AFFT)?


During COVID, many airlines were not refunding tickets  – they only offered to apply the value of the ticket toward a future travel date.

Many terms used to communicate the same principle. Some airlines referred to this as a voucher, e-credit, certificate, future flight credit or “free change or exchange”.

However, whatever the term used, it simply means to apply 100% of the unused ticket value toward future travel on that airline. The rules for applying the value vary by the airline.

Important considerations when communicating with your customers.

What your customers need to know WHEN they are ready to book.

  • Who can use the credit? Credits are non-transferable and must be used by the person the ticket was issued for. 
  • The origin-country must remain the same, however, you can choose a new destination. (May not apply to specialty contracts such as cruise fares.) 
  • Airline credits are valid for air travel, including taxes and fees, on the airline that originally issued the ticket. (Remember – the original validating carrier may be different than the operating carrier.)
  • If the cost of the new ticket is more than the value, you will be required to pay the difference.  
  • You may also be required to forfeit or pay additional taxes if you change your destination.
  • If your new flights cost less than the new ticket, typically the remaining balance is forfeited.
  • Validity of the ticket – how long is the ticket valid for? Typically, tickets are valid (or open to use) for one year from the original date of ticketing. Due to Covid some airlines may have extended the validity period (some up to 72months) It is important to note if travel has to commence within the validity period or if the ticket simply has to be reissued by that date.

Go to My Bookings and select the traveler/s you are rebooking. Find their original itinerary and then go to Booking Actions, Request a Change to this Booking, Exchange Tickets for a Different Itinerary.

Add your preferred flight request and this will email and they will begin working on your request. An agent will respond to your request. You will be notified if your preferred itinerary meets the policy of the airline.

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