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Centrav is a travel company focused on providing travel agents access to book airline tickets for their customers 24/7. From simple domestic tickets to complex international itineraries, Centrav.com searches multiple private fare types as well as published airfares to bring you the best prices and flight options the industry has to offer.

With hundreds of airlines in our system, you can book air ‘anywhere to anywhere’ using our powerful yet easy-to-use website.

Centrav provides an easy way to book low airfares backed by superior customer service. Our web site is widely acclaimed among travel agents for its speed and performance. Should you prefer talking to someone in person, Centrav’s friendly and experienced staff is eager and ready to help you.

Our Quest For Excellence Continues.

Centrav has developed a reputation as an airline consolidator with exceptionally low rates and outstanding customer service. In the year 2000, we foresaw internet technology as the coming venue for great customer service and began searching for an ideal booking engine to power our website. Finding no software on the market that satisfied our stipulation of ‘outstanding’ we teamed up gifted tech people with experienced travel personnel and began to craft our own booking engine and website. Feedback and constant contact with a wide variety of travel agents helped us to fine-tune the site to meet their unique needs and desires. The third release of this website placed Centrav.com in a class by itself with tools, speed, and accuracy unmatched by competitor websites. Further enhancements have added to the site’s repertoire of unique booking and management tools. Travel agents confirm the superiority of Centrav.com by choosing to do 99.5% of their bookings via this powerful, yet easy-to-use website. After 30 years in business, Centrav’s method of going to market has changed drastically, but our quest remains the same: To deliver great airfares backed by outstanding customer service.

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