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NDC – Frequently Asked Questions

The airline industry is going through a big change, and we’re swiftly adapting to bring you the best fares options for your customers. Centrav now offers NDC fares on American Airlines at Centrav.com. More NDC fares for other airlines will be released on Centrav.com in the weeks ahead.

New Distribution Capability.

It is a data interface (computer language) built for airlines to use to distribute and sell flights.

Well, for decades, airlines used a language called EDIFACT to distribute airfares and flight schedules to travel agencies. As a computer language, EDIFACT is somewhat outdated. It is not able to handle the type of information airlines wish to communicate.

NDC was developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to bring richer content to travel agencies. NDC also gives the airline a lower cost to deliver content and more control over the booking than EDIFACT allows.

It definitely will not happen all at once.

The change from EDIFACT to NDC has been going on for some time, but as you can guess, each airline is moving at a different speed. American Airlines is out in front and pushing hard to get travel agencies to book via NDC. Other carriers, especially smaller foreign flag airlines, have not even begun to use NDC.

Yes! The content will be richer and you will have access to more options.

This is a transition that will not necessarily be simple, smooth, or easy. There is a learning curve to every change and this is a fairly major change. But Centrav is here to help make it EASY FOR YOU!!!

At Centrav, our goal is to give you the “Easy Way to Book Air”. We are going to do all we can to keep it simple.

You will notice that the process involved in booking NDC fares on Centrav.com is very much what you are accustomed to. It’s still “the Easy Way to Book Air!” We take care of the whole “new language” thing behind the scenes.

Other Facts About NDC:

  • You will often see lower fares via NDC as the airlines attempt to coax us over to the new channel of distribution.
  • Payment cannot be split across multiple credit cards for NDC bookings. If your travelers need to use separate credit cards, we recommend making multiple bookings.
  • The following information may need to be entered on the airline’s website or by contacting the airline: Frequent Traveler Numbers, Known Traveler Number, Redress, Passport Info, Wheelchair & Meal Requests.
  • Void rules may be different for NDC bookings and may be more restrictive. Certain carriers may only allow same day voids or voids within 24 hours of booking. Voids may also not be allowed for bookings departing less than one week from time of ticketing.
  • A ticket issued on an American Airlines NDC fare currently cannot be exchanged for a non-NDC fare ticket.

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