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Refund/Change Tool

How to Change Your Booking

  1. Click on “My Bookings” on the main menu.
  2. Find your booking and click “View” on the far right hand side.
  3. On the right column, under Booking Actions, click “Request a change to this booking” 
  4. A window will pop up asking what you would like to change about your booking. The options are:
    • Exchange tickets for a different itinerary.
    • Correct the traveler names.
    • Cancel Booking & Request Refund. 
    • Cancel Booking & Exchange Later.
    • Change something else on this booking.
  5. If you would like to “Exchange tickets for a different itinerary.” you will have to select the preferred itinerary with the cabin class you want and the maximum exchange price. Once you have selected your preferred itinerary and alternative itinerary, click “Request Exchange”’ on the bottom right corner.
  6. If you would like to “Cancel Booking & Request Refund” click “Cancel Booking & Request Refund” in red at the bottom right corner.
  7. If your client is not sure which dates they would like to travel, but you don’t want them to be a no-show at the airport, go to “Cancel Booking & Exchange Later” then click “Cancel Booking & Exchange Later” in red at the bottom right corner. Then you can get back to us later to set up the new travel dates. 
  8. If there is something else on your booking that you would like to adjust and/or change click “Change something else on this booking” and add your information in the textbox. Then click “Change something else on this booking.”

This process will be much faster in getting your bookings changed or refunded. Our customer support team is diligently working to get all change and refund requests processed in the order of travel date.

Check with the Airline first…

In most cases if the airline offers free waivers, Centrav is offering free waivers. Double check with the airline to see what they are offering.

We’ve gathered our own list of airline waivers as it relates to coronavirus. See it here. 

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Centrav has released an easier process for changing bookings!

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