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Schedule Changes – FAQ

An involuntary schedule change is one that the airline creates. Due to the operational needs of each airline they often make changes to the flights they operate. These changes can range from a one minute delay all the way up to a completely canceled flight. Centrav does not create the schedule change. The airlines change their flight schedules and it affects everyone on the flight regardless of their type of ticket.

We contact you directly via email when a schedule change occurs whether it’s major or minor. However, sometimes, the airline can notify your passengers first since most of the schedule changes happen over the weekend when our schedule change department is closed. Also, your passenger’s contact information is in the record, so this makes it easier for the airline to reach the passenger directly with schedule changes.

Schedule changes are handled via email. If the schedule has changed by 1 min or more (up to 90 minutes), we will update the booking and send you a minor schedule change email. If the schedule has changed by 90 min or more, we will send you a major schedule change email.

A minor schedule change is a change from 1-90 minutes or a flight number change that doesn’t cause a misconnection. If it is more than 90 minutes or if it causes a misconnection, it is a major change.

The best option is to email our schedule change department at schedulechange@centrav.com. In the email, please include the record locator(s) and if you have an itinerary in mind.

There is nothing more that needs to be done after you receive the email since the change is minor. You can let your clients know the change. If it is an unacceptable minor schedule change, you can reply back to the email to see if you can change to something else due to the schedule change. In most cases, minor schedule changes can not be modified.

Please go over the option(s) with your clients. We search for the best available flight options based on what the carrier shows available.  However, there can be many flight possibilities, so if these options are not acceptable, you can reply to request alternate options, or provide us with an option your passengers would prefer (you must keep the same airline). Whether the clients accept or want different options, please reply back to the original schedule change email.

No. Unfortunately, there are no carrier changes in the same booking.

If you are unable to reach your passenger(s), please reply to let us know you are waiting for their approval.

We have personnel dedicated to work schedule changes. It might be a couple of business days before you hear back from them as they are busy working with the carrier(s) to fix schedule changes. We often have to contact the carrier for final approval and possibly a special waiver to reissue.

Once you have accepted an itinerary, our schedule change desk will send you an updated itinerary email letting you know if the tickets need to be reissued. If they do not, we would be finished. If it does need to be reissued, they will get it sent over to our reissue desk. Once you have received the e-ticket receipt, it would be considered finished.

It depends on the schedule change. It is always best that once the schedule change is finished and reissued (for paid seating) to check to make sure they are still intact. Seats may need to be reassigned.  Centrav does not handle purchased seats and we will direct you back to the carrier. If your passenger purchased seats, you will need to check with the airline directly to make sure your passenger was re-accommodated. Remember that with a schedule change there might be an equipment change as well resulting in a new seating configuration.

All schedule changes are pending carrier approval. We have to get approval or authorization from the carrier to make sure the option that we chose matches the carrier guidelines.

You would need to  compare it to an older itinerary that you have saved.

Due to an unacceptable schedule change, we can usually cancel for a full refund for most airlines. There are restrictions though, usually the schedule change has to be more than 2 hours, however, some carriers require the change to be 3 or 4 hours or more. Also, if a commission has been added to the booking, we will need to do a commission recall since the commission was included in the total ticket amount and had already been paid out to you.

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