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What is a ticketless carrier?

Ticketless Carrier- These are ticketless transactions with an airline. Ticket numbers are not generated. Once payment is given to the carrier, a confirmation number is provided, but not an actual ticket. It’s important to note that most low-cost carriers are ticketless carriers. 

Some important things to note about ticketless carriers.

Void window – Ticketless carriers have a different void window than the normal GDS carriers. If booked at least 7 days in advance of departure date, tickets need to be canceled within 24 hours of booking in order to qualify for a full refund. Please keep in mind we need time to process your request. Do not wait until the last minute to request a void or it may not be a possibility. PLEASE NOTE* Bookings purchased within 7 days of departure are always NONREFUNDABLE AND NONVOIDABLE*

Refunds – Bookings are nonrefundable when outside of the void window. 

Changes – If changes are allowed, we will be happy to assist with the payment of a change fee. 

Extras – The airline may charge for extras like food, priority boarding, seat assignment, and baggage, etc.

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