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10 GIFS of the Realities of Being a Travel Agent

There’s nothing quite like being a travel agent. Travel advisors work around the clock to make dreams a reality. Although you may not always feel it, your late nights, countless quotes, and endless networking efforts are appreciated beyond compare. You are incredible, and the work you do is life-changing. If you’re looking for a good laugh or want to share with others what exactly you do as a travel consultant, here are ten realities of being a travel agent–GIF style.

1. Helping a client in times of crisis is all part of the job–even at 3 AM.

travel agent day gif 1

You think anyone who works 9 to 5 is part-time. As a travel advisor, you’re always on the clock. A client traveling to India calls at 3 AM. They missed their connecting flight and need your help ASAP. Or they can’t work the TV in their room. Either way, helping in times of crisis is all part of the job.

2. Do people expect travel advice for free?

travel agent day gif 2

People pay their lawyer, doctor, or shrink for advice, and they think yours should be free. Friend says they’re traveling to China and wants to know the best things to do in Harbin. Where to stay. Best flights. Etc. “Thanks for all your help!” they say while booking everything through Expedia.

3. Your multi-tasking skills rival that of a juggling circus mom with three preschoolers.

travel agent day gif 3

While on hold with the airline, you answer seven emails, provide five group quotes, and down three cups of coffee. All in a day’s work as a travel consultant.

4. Your excitement for travel is unparallel.

travel agent day gif 4

As a travel advisor, you get paid to arrange travel and sometimes get great rates for yourself. Who else can say that? FAM trips let you see more of the world so you can provide the best travel advice to your clients. While building your repertoire, you’re checking off life experiences.

5. Your bucket list keeps growing…and growing.

travel agent day gif 5

With every client you help, you discover another incredible place to visit or thing to experience. By following travel influencers on Instagram, you stay up-to-date on the hottest destinations–and drown in wanderlust.

6. You’re not a mind reader, but you come pretty close.

travel agent day gif 6

A client calls and wants a flight “someplace warm” for a great deal. Think you can help?

7. You feel like a wizard when meeting a client’s budget.

travel agent day gif 7

You brew infinite combinations of travel dates and times to uncover the perfect, affordable itinerary. They call it magic; you call it a day’s work.

8. “Anyone can book a trip,” said no travel agent ever.


travel agent day gif 8

You make dreams come true. Even if you don’t specialize in Disney trips, you’re hard-wired to make travel dreams become a reality. In other words, travel agents are modern day miracle workers.

9. You’re not sure if you can celebrate National Travel Agent Day because you’re now a “Travel Advisor.”

travel agent day gif 9

Travel agent. Travel advisor. Travel consultant. Travel guru extraordinaire… Same difference. We value you, even though you don’t know what to call yourself. You deserve a day to celebrate!

10. You love what you do!

travel agent day gif 10

Working as a travel advisor comes with long days and an insane amount of work, but you enjoy your job and wouldn’t trade it for anything…unless you got paid to cuddle puppies. That comes as a close second.

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