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11 Travel Advisors Share Their “Hero Stories”

Travel Advisors are the advocate during a crisis, the expert with the answers, and the memory-maker for the milestones.

We loved reading all of your hero stories! From saving canceled flights, to going the extra mile for those once-in-a-lifetime getaways, you truly are the advocate during a crisis, the expert with the answers, and the memory-maker for the milestones.

Congratulations to each and every travel agent on National Travel Agent Day. We celebrate and thank you for all you do!

Enjoy these 11 stories of travel advisors sharing their “hero stories!” Some of them booked this particular trip through Centrav and some did not. In either case, we found their stories to be heroic and wanted to share. A special shout-out to our Grand Prize winner, Patti R. of New Jersey!

1. A perfect Roman Holiday

“I have the privilege of speaking with many types of travelers from the “have it all at any cost” to the penny watchers. A lot of times, going on a vacation depends on being able to get there. Most of the time that means by plane. One guest I was working with found their perfect bucket list cruise and had saved a few years to make it happen. Sadly, the airfare they found online was just too much and prevented them from booking their cruise. I was able to use Centrav to find airfare that was reasonable and when I shared the good news with the guests, they were more than happy and booked their trip immediately and took their Roman holiday.”

-Jacob C., TX

2. Christmas miracle

“Here is my I saved the day story. I had a client that was traveling with her family to Cancun the day after Christmas. I got an urgent phone call from her at 4 am saying their flight had been cancelled and the next flight the airline could book them on was 4 days later. 

This family only had 5 nights at a resort, so I worked with the airline to get them booked from an alternate city that was leaving the next day (giving them enough time to drive there). I got them a hotel for the one night and I was able to shift their resort reservation stay by one night later. 

It all worked out in the end and this family enjoyed a Christmas holiday vacation to remember!”

-Richard F., NE

3. Easing the burden

“In a heartbreaking turn of events, I had to assist a client diagnosed with terminal cancer in canceling three bookings. Understanding the immense emotional toll on her devastated husband, I provided guidance every step of the way. I ensured he knew which bookings were refundable and when to anticipate the refunds, and aided in navigating the claims process for the non-refundable components. Though facing unimaginable challenges, I find solace in offering support during this overwhelming time, hoping to ease his burden even slightly. One day, I hope he gets to take at least one of those vacations!”

-Debbie L., PA

4. A seamless booking experience

“I saved the day when my customer wanted to visit her family in SC. She said she didn’t have the patience to book the flights herself. The booking process was seamless and she was able to pay with her credit card via the payment link that was sent to her email. After making her payment via the link I was able to email her Itinerary as well. The whole process was stress free and she was so happy that she had one less thing to worry about. She and her daughter had a wonderful time with her family. She’s looking forward to having me book future flights for her.”

-Quintina B., TN

5. Meeting the need

“I saved the day for a coworker trying to go home to see family before she starts cancer treatment.

She’s a caring lady who is a school bus aide on a special needs bus. She’d been saving money but unable to find a decent price on airfare. She was almost in tears. I asked what was wrong, she told me her story, I told her I will check my resources. She said nothing was under what she could afford, but I got her a great deal. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait to tell family she is coming after all.

-Dari S., AZ

6. Vacation is saved!

“I saved the day!!

I had clients traveling overseas departing early on a Saturday morning. Their flight was delayed twice, then canceled. They were told they wouldn’t be rebooked until Monday, losing 2+ days of their vacation. After 3 hours of working on the phone with airline agents I was able to get them on a same day early afternoon flight.”

-Tami W., OH

7. TA to the rescue during tragedy

“I helped my client and her partner get rerouted after the Baltimore Harbor bridge collapsed, and then her initial flight from Minneapolis to LaGuardia was canceled. We got her on a new flight and to the port with 30 minutes to spare!

-Kerrie G., UT

8. Waived fees

“My client was diagnosed with cancer after she has booked a trip to London for her and her partner. She started chemo before she left and thought she would be ok while on the trip. She got really sick and needed an extra day to recover. Airlines wanted $1000 a piece to switch tickets to the same flight but 24 hours later, I called the airlines myself and spoke with the manager and they waived all fees for her!! It was amazing to give my clients the news!”

-Christi B., CA

9. S.O.S. (Stop Our Ship)!

“I booked 25 people on a Carnival cruise in December. People were coming from Boston and  Michigan. The Boston people made it to the cruise, but the MI people were delayed due to the weather. I made many calls to Carnival personnel to see if the Captain would wait for the people. There were 100 people on the flight from MI going on various cruise lines. NCL and RCCL cruise lines were going to wait for them. After Carnival found out NCL and RCCL were going to wait, the Captain of Carnival said he would wait also.”

-Josie H., TN

10. Keep calm and call your travel agent

“I saved the day” when, in frustration, my friend of 71 years old, who I knew for over 20 years, was in a panic about getting a reservation to MCO for a graduation. Her father recently passed away and she called and said she could only find Spirit Airlines, which was $433 from CLE to MCO and she didn’t know what to do. I quickly went to Centrav, secured a flight for a whole lot less, booked it for her and she paid same day. She thanked me a hundred times and said I was so honest and that she would recommend me any day for anyone needing travel. What a nice way to save the day and make someone else’s day! That’s what life is all about!”

Lyn A., OH

Grand Prize Winner: Patti R., NJ

“I am Patti from Travel Around in Beach Haven NJ. My VIP clients booked Spirit Air to West Palm Beach eight months prior to Christmas week and paid for the big front seats. The day of the flight they checked in and were waiting at their gate to board the plane. Apparently the aircraft had been changed and their row of seats did not exist! Heidi became hysterical because her daughter was taking her SAT tests in Florida the next morning. I advised her to find a supervisor and I made calls from my end as well. The only thing Spirit offered was a refund. They did not want a refund, they wanted to get to Florida. I “saved the day” by picking them up at the airport on a Friday night in December and drove them back home. Heidi’s daughter was able to take her important SAT test at our local high school the next day.”

Shawna Levet

Shawna is passionate about helping travel agents grow their business and expand their knowledge as travel experts. She has been in the travel industry since 2011, helping agents and travelers alike find the best negotiated airfare and travel coverage to meet their needs.

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