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8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Productive

8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Productive

8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Productive

Over the past four years, much of the corporate world has restructured itself as a “work-from-home economy.” Most travel agents are already familiar with working from home. But if you’re one of those who’ve moved from a shared office to your home office, you may be looking for ways to make your home office more productive. 

Working from home can often have a honeymoon phase. Eventually, the joy of rolling out of bed and heading down the hall in your pajamas wears thin. And you’re wondering how to boost your motivation once again. Aside from improving your own habits and routine, there are also changes you can make to your office environment itself that may have a huge impact on your productivity. You can make your home office more productive by trying one or more of these steps:

1. Re-evaluate your location

While working from home, not everyone has the opportunity to pick the room they’ll use for an office. Sometimes there is only one option. And sometimes the only “office” space available is a corner of the bedroom. But whatever your situation, you may increase your comfort and productivity if you can achieve these 3 things in your space

  • Separated/secluded: Look for a space that is somewhat secluded from the rest of the household. It is hard to focus if you are sharing your space with other family members. It will also help you to “mentally transition” if you are able to set up your office space in a separate room.
  • Natural light: Natural light has numerous health and wellness benefits. This includes the ability to improve your focus and sense of calm — invaluable to anyone working an office job.
  • Comfortable temperature: You’re probably one of two people — someone who is always freezing, or always looking for a fan. If room temperature is a big deal to you, don’t set yourself up in the coldest (or hottest) part of the house. Of course, if your options are limited you can supplement with a space heater or a fan.

2. Decorate

One of the best benefits of working from home? You don’t need to feel stuck inside a drab, grey cubicle all day. Create a space that really inspires you because, after all, you will be spending much of your day there! Decorate with personal, comforting touches: colors and patterns you love, beautiful art, and a few family photos to remind you of your “why.” You can even add some soft ambient lighting to create a mood.

3. Bring the outdoors in

Nothing helps us feel refreshed like some time outdoors. If you find yourself keeping office hours during the nicest parts of the day, make sure to bring the outdoors to you! Choose some large, leafy plants to brighten up your space. As a bonus, you can choose plants that are well-known for their ability to purify indoor air.

4. Don’t forget the smell

Strong smells can affect our mood and even our productivity. If you are finding yourself in need of energy, calm, or clarity, there’s probably a scent that can aid you in each of these areas! A great way to do this is by diffusing 100% pure essential oils. Here are a few good oils for creating a productive office environment.

5. Upgrade your furniture

If you’ve ever worked in a large, corporate office, ergonomically-correct furniture was probably provided for you. While working from home, you might have to take care of this yourself. Make sure your desk, chair, computer, keyboard are all positioned correctly, with your posture in mind. Consider investing in a sit-stand desk to allow you to change positions throughout the day.

6. Reorganize

A cluttered office = a cluttered mind. If you’re finding yourself unable to stay on top of piles of paperwork and office supplies, the key may be to invest in some organization tools. If there is a “home” for everything, you are much less likely to let things stack up on your desk. You will want to purchase some good shelving, folders, boxes, baskets — whatever you need to get your office under control. But before you do this, spend some time studying your workflow. This will allow you to design organizational systems that will save you time and stress.

7. Keep everything you need handy

Do you find yourself constantly jumping up to grab a pen, a notepad, or your phone charger? Keep everything you need for your office in your office. Yes, it’s incredibly important to get up and stretch. But it’s much better for your productivity and your overall health to make these breaks intentional ones for both the body and mind. A little preparedness will keep you ready to tackle whatever comes your way!

8. Prep your food in advance

Prep your meals and snacks in advance, just like you would if you were commuting to work. This will save you time during the day and allow you to use your breaks for true relaxation rather than food prep. You might even fill up enough water bottles to get you through the workday and keep them chilled and ready in the fridge!

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