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Top 2022 Travel Trends

5 of the Top 2022 Travel Trends

5 of the Top 2022 Travel Trends

The top 2022 travel trends are starting to emerge. Some may surprise you and some you will expect. Travel has changed so much over the past two years. But one thing hasn’t changed. We still crave adventure. We still look for those moments of escape. This is a peek into some of the top 2022 travel trends you may see over the upcoming year.

Keep on eye on travel technology

Before we talk about some of the top 2022 travel trends, we need to talk about technology as it relates to travel. Technology made advancements in just about every industry during the pandemic. This was due to both necessity and demand. Consumers have grown accustomed to the ability to research everything in-depth. For high-end properties you may start to see VR/AR technology available for travelers who want to see every detail of a room before booking. As we stay in touch with many of you on social media, we have seen so many travel agents taking advantage of tools like reels and Instagram live in order to provide clients with the best possible information on properties. Keep up the good work and keep an eye on travel technology trends! 

5 of the Top 2022 Travel Trends

  • Reunion Trips/3G Travel
  • Island destinations
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Slow travel
  • Wanderlust streaming

1. Reunion trips/3G Travel

Whether it’s due to lockdowns, travel restrictions, or simply the busyness of life, we’ve all had friends and family we haven’t seen for a few years. Many travelers are looking at 2022 as the year they will set time aside to reconnect with family and old friends. Group travel is on the rise as people look for fun ways to reconnect. Another word to add to your vocabulary is 3G travel. This simply refers to three family generations traveling together at once. Expect to help these families find accommodations at large rental homes or to book blocks of space together at hotels. What are some ways you can reach this demographic within your niche?

2. Island destinations

For travelers who are not yet ready for a big sightseeing adventure, the islands are calling. Island destinations are always at the top of travelers’ lists. Beautiful, relaxing, and secluded, an island getaway is the perfect way to rejuvenate after a long year.

3. Sustainable travel

Sustainable tourism continues to rise as new generations of travelers find themselves with discretionary income. Many travelers care about the environmental practices of the airlines they fly with and the hotels they use. But more importantly, they are asking themselves what kind of impact their tourism directly has on the destinations they visit. Are they putting their money into tourist gimmicks that harm the local economy or environment? As a travel agent, you will have great insight to offer regarding some of these questions. Be prepared to share what you know!

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4. Slow tourism

Travelers are increasingly searching out a slower paced way of travel. This movement might be directed by the hectic, fast-paced lives Americans tend to live when they are not traveling. It might also be a result of the trend towards “traveling like a local.” For those who want the authentic local experience, a slower and more conscientious approach is a must.

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5. Wanderlust streaming

Do you watch most of your shows through TV or through a streaming service? That’s what we thought, and advertisers know it too. The future of travel marketing may be ads directed at you based on… say that stunning Amazon documentary you just finished. Even without a concerted effort to target our wanderlust, it’s safe to say that the media we consume has a huge impact on our actions. Amadeus used the term “wanderlust streaming” in a recent report on top 2022 travel trends. It refers to travelers who base their “where to next” on recent browsing habits. Prepare for this trend by helping clients plan the trip of their dreams, while still having realistic expectations.

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