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5 Movie Locations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

5 Jaw-dropping Movie Locations to See

For most moviegoers filmography offers an escape from their daily lives. Some films provoke laughter and tears, others create a wanderlust for travel. Luckily, some of your favorite films don’t just need to be experienced on the big screen. Here are five movie locations you can make a reality!

1. Lord of The Rings -Matamata, New Zealand

Ever since 2001, many of us have come to recognize New Zealand as the place where the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, were filmed.  However, vacationing here is not only for fans of the mythical movies and books. Only 1% of tourists claim to have come to the beautiful country because of the films. If you’ve seen the movies, the landscapes in New Zealand are even more unbelievable than the films! New Zealand is apart of the top 10 food tours in the world. Enjoy fresh seafood, local markets, and gorgeous landscapes.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty -Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Early in the movie, Walter Mitty represents the taboo of life. Allowing clocking in and out as the ceiling of his day today. This movie was almost one giant metaphor and illustration for living mediocrity to exhilarating. By no means do you have to skateboard away from an erupting volcano, or climb the mountains of Afghanistan to obtain the meaning of life. In this case, however, you can experience life in a whole new light. Iceland (where most of the film was shot) offers every traveler a unique adventure of their very own. If you want to relax in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, or hike across Mt. Esjan. There is no shortage of beauty here in Iceland.

3. Dunkirk  -Malo-Les-Bains, France

The film Dunkirk was filmed on the beaches of France and is about the largest evacuation effort in history during WWII. With such an intense film it can be hard to appreciate the gorgeous landscapes. There are French row houses lined up neatly along the beach, historic landmarks, and breathtaking ocean sunsets. The beach and the residential districts bordering the city, which are ideal for relaxing, boardwalk strolls, and locals eateries, make Malo-Les-Bains the most sought-after northern resort.

4. The Sound of Music -Salzburg, Austria

The Sound of Music is a cinematography masterpiece. Filmed in Salzburg, Austria, The movie follows the lives of the Von Trapp family during the beginnings of WWII. Throughout the film, you see parts of the countryside, historic cobblestone roads of the city of Salzburg, castles, and of course the hills that are still alive (mountains). Take a train ride to get through the city, eat at renowned markets and restaurants, experience the historic beauty of this city. This is a must take trip!

5. The Godfather -Savoca, Italy

Out of this list, The Godfather is definitely the most critically acclaimed film. The widely loved film takes you on a journey across the Italian villages and countryside. You can experience Bar Vitelli, The Godfather movie tour, traditional eateries, and world famous cannolis. With family crime, ties, and “broken hearts” you can’t help but fall in love with the raw beauty of Italian landscapes. 

These films provoke inspiration, emotion, and beauty. If it’s hiking in the mountains of Austria and you hear singing from the Von Trapp family, or the powerful scenery the Lord of The Rings depicts. These awe-filled movies don’t stop at the ending credits. You can now be a part of the bigger motion picture. Living it.

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