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7 Travel Blogs for Travel Agents to Follow

5 Travel Blogs for Travel Agents to Follow

For the general population, traveling is a method of escape from the current reality in which we live. For others, traveling is a means of getting to and from. Either way, travelers will need experts in travel destinations to get to and from.

As a travel professional, you know the ins and outs of all travel. Maybe some destinations more than others. For the destinations you don’t know and maybe some of the destinations you do know—consider following travel bloggers that are experts in niche travel. Below are some of the best travel blogs to give your clients top-notch consulting.

1. Bald Hiker

Gain an understanding of the world’s well-assorted animals, food, and nature. These astonishing discoveries were found by traveling and exploring the world. Paul Steele founded Bald Hiker in 2010 as a personal blog then transformed it into a place where his friends contribute with their knowledge. Through his amazing experiences, his stories have reached fame. Steele dives into how he and his partner travelers gained more perspective on the world during their travels. He writes about the idyllic beaches, phenomenal food, some of the best hiking spots! Follow Bald Hiker to see the best of nature the world has to offer.

2. Global Grasshopper

Aside from providing an amazingly aesthetic website, the main contributor, Becky Moore does a great job supplying awesome blogs about travel tips and inspiration. They focus on supplying support to independent travelers through logging their experiences while being in some of the most beautiful places this planet has to offer. They specialize in niche travel experiences, like “The Coolest Hipster Meccas to Visit in Eastern Europe” or “10 of The Most Amazing Restaurants in Copenhagen for Travel Snobs”. If you share their passion for traveling and unique ways to see the world, you can subscribe to email updates on new content and destinations. This subscription will plug you with guides, ideas, photographs, tips, and inspiration about travel.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith–WordSmith

This blog is specifically tailored toward the more luxurious, romantic trips that your clients may be looking to go on. They are very passionate about offering their readers the best locations to visit for a romantic getaway. Aside from that, they also give tips and tricks about traveling the world, as well as writing about some of the beautiful places they’ve been able to visit. Their clever play on words posts will keep you reading and dreaming for yourself, and maybe a little for your clients. Surprisingly enough, they also touch on some wild hunting expeditions to spice things up a little.

4. A Lady in London

London was definitely calling this ex-pat Californian travel consultant. Lady in London has now traveled to about one hundred countries; that number is still going up. She has some amazingly captivating pictures showing the beautiful places she’s been to. She writes giving tips and tricks to traveling to some of her highly recommended spots Lady in London specializes in travel destinations obviously to England and Europe.

5. Inside the Travel Lab

Her name is Abi, an ex-doctor who has changed her career to, “finding interesting stories across the world”. Abi shares her stories for luxurious travelers. All her blogs touch on some unusual journeys that she has experienced. These are travels told by someone who has an interesting perspective toward the world. Having traveled the world, she has seen some unbelievably crazy things. She does well at describing her journey and leaving the reader inspired afterward.


Travel Bloggers appear to be the experts in travel, especially to your clients! For most travel bloggers, blogging is their full-time job. They live to travel. Many of them are on Instagram and social media expressing their knowledge. Your clients might even already be following them. Are you current with the travel trends? Do you know what blogs your customers are following? Following blogs will also aid your knowledge of other travel spots you might not have otherwise known about—or enhance in the ones you already do!

This might also compel you to change your style of marketing for your travel agency. Do you already travel consistently? Are you a good writer? Maybe blogging might be a helpful tool to establish your knowledge amongst aspiring travelers.

Comment below with your favorite travel bloggers!



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