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Best Destinations for Wellness Vacation

Best Destinations for a Wellness Vacation

Where to take a Wellness Vacation

It is estimated that 25% of trips include destinations that cater to those seeking a wellness vacation. What exactly is wellness travel? In short, it is a fairly broad term that refers to a variety of experiences that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. These trips might include yoga and meditation retreats, cycling through wine country, or just relaxing and recharging in a spa setting. Let’s explore a few wellness travel destinations that are trending now.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small Central American country that abounds with stunning natural beauty and pleasant weather. The country boasts of two gorgeous coastlines. The Caribbean Sea runs along the east coast and the Pacific Ocean sits just to the west. Costa Rica has much to offer travelers searching for a wellness vacation year-round.

The biggest attraction of Costa Rica is its incredible and varied landscapes. For those who enjoy being outdoors, this is the place to visit. Connecting with nature in Costa Rice might include staying at a surf camp, trekking through lush tropical rain forests, exotic bird watching, river rafting, or a beach yoga retreat.

2. Goa, India

Goa is an especially nice destination for enjoying yoga. It has the added attraction of being located on the coast of the Arabian Sea with plentiful beaches. This area is steeped in both Indian and Portuguese cultures. When not enjoying yoga, indulge in the unique local cuisine, swim in the sea, or visit a spice plantation.

3. Provence, France

The Southeastern area of France is a popular vacation destination for world travelers. The rolling hills, fields of lavender, vineyards, and medieval hamlets are intoxicating in a very good way. The best way to experience the extraordinary scenery and villages is by bicycle. Organized cycling adventures in France are plentiful. This is a great way to incorporate physical fitness into a wellness vacation. Many finish the day by sharing a delicious French meal and a bottle of local wine.

4. Iceland

Iceland is hot, literally. The island nation is home to volcanos, hot springs, and the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal pool and spa. The hiking is also spectacular due to the dramatic terrain and breathtaking waterfalls.

It is very easy to travel to the country via Icelandair. Upon arrival, there are accommodation options. Staying at the Silica Hotel places travelers right at the spa and healing geothermal pool with its silica mud. Fine dining is right there as well. The other option is to stay a reasonable bus ride from the airport in the capital city of Reykjavic with world-class shopping, museums, and the freshest seafood establishments. From there, the spa and pool are an easy day trip.

5 Cloyne, Ireland

Do you love eating organic, free-range, farm-to-table meals and want to learn more about how to prepare them? The village of Cloyne in County Cork, Ireland is home to the Ballymaloe Cookery School Organic Farm and Gardens. This scenic estate and sprawling farmland are a teaching environment that holds true to the practices of sustainability and healthy meal preparation.

The grounds are lovely and offer plenty of reflective walking and communing with nature. There are week-long cooking classes and daily workshops on specific topics, such as fermentation. There is a hotel and café to enjoy when not learning how to cook organic meals. The medieval town of Cloyne is steeped in history and sits near the Celtic Sea for leisurely downtime when not in the bustling kitchen.

6. Ikaria, Greece

This destination is definitely for those who really want to unplug from technology, relax, and eat an amazingly healthy diet. Ikaria is off the beaten path. Most people have never heard of it because it does not depend on tourism for economic stability. This island seems to have stopped in time. It really hasn’t changed in ages. The residents are laid back, friendly, self-sufficient, and super healthy.

Ikaria is one of the only 5 Blue Zone regions of longevity and health. Aside from its natural beauty and beautiful beaches, the island is known for its incredibly healthy cuisine and some of the best honey in the world with notable antibacterial properties.

If the plan is to avoid tourists, chill, breathe fresh air, and eat the healthiest diet for a few days, Ikaria is a place to check out and check into before the word gets out.  

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