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Travel Insurance for Visas

More Countries Are Requiring Travel Insurance for Visas

Countries that require travel insurance for visas

Since May 1st, Ecuador has added itself to a list of over 40 countries that now require proof of travel insurance for entry visas. Foreigners often place a financial burden on local taxpayers by taking advantage of free healthcare or simply leaving their medical bills unpaid after their trip. Many countries hope mandatory travel insurance will help to rectify this problem.

Yonder: List of 41 countries

This list, published by travel insurance aggregator, Yonder, covers countries that currently mandate or are in the process of implementing travel insurance regulations for short-term tourists and expats. Popular tourist destinations such as France, Italy, Greece, and Australia already have regulations in place. Meanwhile, new, adventure-tourism hotspots such as Thailand and Malaysia are actively working to introduce similar legislation. Since travel experts expect this trend to continue, it is important to stay up-to-date on these requirements. You can stay current by checking CIBT and the CDC Travel page. If your clients have not traveled abroad recently, they may not be aware that insurance is required or even exists beyond their primary domestic healthcare coverage.

Additional benefits of travel insurance

In addition to meeting visa requirements, many travel insurance policies will give your traveler access to critical emergency benefits. These include emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains or emergency medical transport if they are far from adequate facilities. These services are not possible without the right coverage. Regardless of coverage requirements, you should always urge clients to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy for any trip.

For more details and current information of visa requirements, visit cibtvisas.com.

For more information on health, vaccination and other travel advisories visit the CDC Travel page.

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