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Maximize Your Travel – Turn Your Layover Into A Stopover

Reaching destinations on the other side of the world like Bali or Prague requires burdensome layovers delaying arrival. These layover cities don’t have to be the strain, but instead can be full of excitement. Take advantage of what these cities have to offer by adapting your travel itinerary, turning your layover into a stopover.

A stopover can be an extended layover lasting longer than 24 hours and is a great way to take a break between long flights. If your flight to Naples includes a stop in Amsterdam you can’t miss the beautiful canal system and if you’re going through Dubai don’t miss your chance at seeing the immaculate skyline including the Burj Khalifa. Here are some of the highest traffic international layovers that deserve a stop.


Explore one of only three remaining city-states in the world. Singapore is the perfect add on to a trip to the South Pacific and communication is easy, with English commonly spoken. When in the city be sure to check out a beautiful skyline view and entertainment epicenter at Marina Bay. Try the staple Bak Kut Teh soup for a local flavor. A stopover in Singapore doesn’t require any additional visas and additional planning support is offered through the Singapore airport.


The AMS airport is a top layover location to consolidate passengers traveling to Italy, Spain, and really all over Europe. The attractions of the city are too good to miss and deserve an extended stay. Amsterdam is considered by some the most cultural city in the world, boasting 81 museums, 96 theaters, and 54 art galleries. Explore the city on your own or take a boat tour to experience the stunning canals. Visas are not required for US and Canadian citizens and flights through Royal Dutch Airlines provide a stopover at no extra charge.


The volcanic Iceland is the perfect stopover for the outdoor adventure seeker and offers great incentive to do so. The island has over 10,000 waterfalls and can easily be explored by renting a car to drive the Ring Road. The road is Iceland’s main travel thoroughfare and circumnavigates the whole country. The Blue Lagoon is just over 40 minutes away from the airport—a great way to relax in between flights! Be sure to try some of the regions more interesting delicacies including treated shark and a yogurt like product called skyr.is. Iceland Air makes stopovers easy by allowing up to seven nights in Reykjavik area with no extra fees.


Layovers are likely in Dubai with the airport traffic being the third highest in the world. Take the stay to see some of the largest, highest, and lavish attractions in the world. The Burj Khalifa stands at 2,716 feet setting the record for tallest building and highest occupied floor. A view from the observation deck is necessary addition to any trip. For shopping or dining check out Dubai Mall – the largest mall in the world. Stopovers in Dubai are encouraged and can be booked through Emirates or with a travel agent.


The City of Love is a romantic break to a trip going to Prague, Naples, and beyond. Paris is known for its charming atmosphere and stunning, elegant architecture. Visit the Musee du Louvre museum to see masterpieces including Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. The Notre Dame Cathedral is an intricate illustration of the best gothic architecture in the world. And no trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to the romantic icon of the Eiffel Tower. Stopovers in Paris may require an extra fee and some skilled booking from an agent, but are absolutely worth it.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most vertical city in the world with 293 buildings over 500 feet tall. It’s the perfect stop on a trip to the South Pacific. The best immersion into the culture and environment is by visiting one of the many street markets. In the markets you will find plenty of souvenirs, local cuisine, and certainly the crowds. The top two ways to admire the dazzling skyscrapers is by taking the Star Ferry to look up from Victoria Harbor or look down on the city from Victoria Peak. Hong Kong offers plenty of assistance in making sure that stopovers are doable and enjoyable.


Germany’s third largest city is famous for its Oktoberfest festivities, beer halls, and is home to a wealth of beautiful neo-gothic architecture. For the beer lover take a tour of the top halls and don’t forget to enjoy a local sausage. For a preview into the German automobile engineering visit BMW Welt (BMW World). For the best view of the architecture take a city tour and don’t forget to make time to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle. The Munich Airport offers a full guide into the planning of a stopover and in most situations a visa is not required.


For your next ocean-crossing venture don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime experience. Capture the moment and experience these cities and cultures. For help simplifying an extended stopover for a trip consult your travel agent.


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