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The name is only one letter off...

The name is only one letter off…

Make sure your client’s name is spelled correctly

“But it’s just one letter off..”
We hear this frequently when it comes to name corrections. In the last 15 years or so, it has become vital that the name on the reservation is an exact match of the name on the passport.  If it is not, your client may experience a significant delay at the airport or be denied boarding altogether. Of course, your client may be able to fly with a misspelled name. This is more likely to happen if they are on a US domestic flight. But this can build a false sense of security. Usually the best course of action is to correct the spelling before the flight.
Although a misspelled name can often be corrected, there are situations where it simply cannot be fixed. This is frequently the case with foreign flag airlines, codeshare flights, or where multiple airlines are involved. Airline reservation systems don’t communicate well with each other. We can change a name in one system but it may not show in another airline’s system. The mismatch in name spellings can cause the itinerary to be canceled. And don’t forget the costs involved. If we are required to make a new booking it must be repriced and the new fare could be much higher.

Whew! Wouldn’t it be better to avoid this problem altogether?…

There are several steps an agent can take to avoid the expense and hassle of a name correction:
  1. Ask the client how it is spelled on their passport! That is the spelling that counts.
  2. Enter the names on Centrav’s website beginning with the last name!  It looks like this:"The name is just one letter off..."
  3. Review the names on the booking confirmation email to make sure they are spelled correctly. (You might as well check the flight times/dates, too!)
  4. Use the Pax Quote tool to send a copy of the itinerary to your client. In the free flow text box, you can ask them to verify the name spellings, dates, and flight times. Emphasize that they will be under penalty once ticketed and that now is the time to make corrections.
Avoid the headache! One letter misspelled may seem minor, but the effort, cost, and process time involved to correct ‘just one letter’ is the same as it is for any other name correction.
That is a hassle we all can certainly do without.
Greg Rholl

Greg Rholl

Greg is Vice President of Business Development and has been employed with Centrav since June of 1991. He serves as an integral part of Centrav's leadership team with a focus on client relations and sales.

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