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Seat Assignments

Seat Assignments

“How do I get seats assigned for my client?”

A simple question now has a more complex answer. Some airlines charge for a seat assignment of any kind while some charge for a seat assignment in a preferred spot on the aircraft (window, aisle). The best way to handle those is on the airline’s website where your client can pick their row and put in a credit card to pay if necessary. You will need the Airline Ref code found on your itinerary and the name as it appears on the ticket.

You can certainly ask our Reservations Team to try to get a free, pre-reserved seat in our GDS. Live Chat is a great way to let us know you want help with that. Live chat is found in the lower right corner of Centrav.com. Note: Some itineraries may have the seat map blocked which prevents us from assisting you. In those cases, you can use the airline’s website or call the airline. If you need a phone number for that airline, just ask the Centrav Agent Support Team (CAST).

Unfortunately, there are times when a pre-reserved seat can not be assigned by either our CAST or by the airline. Some airlines do not participate in pre-assigned seats and passengers must wait until they arrive at the airport.

“Will my clients be seated together?” Seat assignments are entirely under the airline’s jurisdiction and so Centrav can’t guarantee that.

Important: If your reservation has been ticketed and has had a schedule change:

Seats may need to be reassigned. If your passenger purchased seat assignments, you will need to check with the airline directly to ensure your passenger was accommodated. If your passenger is moved to an aircraft with a different configuration, or if they are shifted to another existing flight it is quite possible that their seats will need to be reassigned

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  • I do not see seat reservations for my customers Torres, Hoffman, and Nieman on their reservation….Would you please give them to me so I can forward the information to my customers…..The reservation number is PBHXH8

  • I do not see seat assignments for my clients. Airline Ref. AQ6 ED2 for Bedynek and Airline Ref. N2FJVY for Barnett.
    We would like seating close together if possible

  • I also need seat assignments for my client Mary Ann Reinhart reference number PVSZUL, she would prefer a window seat

  • My clients would like to be able to purchase upgraded seats and are not able to do. The airlines said it was because of the way the reservation was ticketed. They need to be able to purchase seats (and they ARE available, as I checked with a mock reservation on the airline site) on the 1st and 4th legs of flights. Locators: kp5da6 and kpeqrn
    Thank you. Also, one of the fare codes is R. Isn’t that a reward code? Do you purchase and then sell reward tickets?

  • I need an Aisle seat assignments for my client – Reservation #LKGFY6

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