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The Best Time to Travel is Right After Quarantine

The Best Time to Travel is Right After Quarantine

Editor’s note: We love to travel, but the safety of all travelers is our number one priority. Centrav recommends following all travel guidelines recommended by health officials and the State Department, and to use this time to plan and book future trips only.

It may be hard to see now, but the amount of opportunity to travel the most popular tourist destinations after the COVID-19 crisis has ended is going to be incredible. Quarantine has wanderlusters anxious to plan their next adventure and travel agents eager to start booking it. When is it safe to travel again? When will cafes and restaurants open up again? That is hard to tell. Continue to follow all travel guidelines recommended by health officials and the State Department, and use this time to plan and book future trips only.

Travel and tourism will be thriving once again, and when it is safe to go, you’ll want to take advantage of some great, new opportunities.

The nicest places are vacant

Some of the most-visited countries on earth have also been those most devastated by coronavirus outbreaks. But as these beautiful destinations re-emerge from the pandemic they will be eager to welcome tourists again. After travel restrictions are lifted and these industries have the green light to re-open for business, many travel industry experts are predicting that the tourism scene will start off slow but steady, then pick up momentum after a few months. Top tourist destinations such as France, Spain, China, and Italy will have a window of opportunity to visit with low crowds. Gone are the days of four-hour waits to get into the Colosseum — or hours to stand in line for the Lourve.

If your travelers have long-dreamed of visiting these heavily-toured locations, but cringe at the idea of fighting huge crowds, now may be their moment. These destinations, which consistently rank in the top 10, will be prime spots to land a great deal.

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. United States
  4. China
  5. Italy
  6. Turkey
  7. Mexico
  8. Germany
  9. Thailand
  10. United Kingdom

Incredible deals

Right now many sectors of the tourism industry have little to no revenue coming in. In an effort encourage future bookings, many tour operators, hotels, airlines and more are deeply discounting prices on travel far into the summer and fall. Prices are slashed on everything from air and ground transportation to lodging and excursions. Now is the time to get your more frugal travelers a great deal.

Everyone wants the best deal on travel. This is going to encourage the experienced generation to book their summer and fall travels now. Even at the Centrav office, employees are trying to restrain themselves from booking as many trips as they can. Oil prices are down and all sectors of the travel industry are offering much lower rates to get you to book.

The best service

Since these destinations will be much lighter on the tourists, the service you will receive will be unprecedented! Travel and tourism employees make up 1/10 people. The 10% of the global population employed by tourism hasn’t been working for a good portion of the pandemic and will be eager to get back to work.

Can you imagine? Light crowds, deeply-discounted prices, and hosts excited to welcome tourists back with stellar service. When the tourism industry is ready to re-open, it will be the prime time to book your next getaway.

Macy Maxson

As Digital Marketing Strategist at Centrav, Macy loves all things marketing. Her passion is to help travel professionals run their business well and succeed! Her favorite destinations to travel to include the Caribbean and Europe.

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