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Travel Deep Dives: Follow These 8 Bloggers

Travel Deep Dives: Follow These 8 Bloggers

8 Bloggers and Influencers to Follow for Travel Tips

How do you do your own research before visiting a new country? Expat blog are a great starting place when looking to plan a trip. Travelers who are living abroad for an extended time rather than visiting for just a few weeks or days have a totally different perspective. When living abroad, one has the opportunity to see the nitty gritty of navigating the city, budgeting food, or understanding local customs and culture. If you’re ready to do a deep dive on a destination that is brand new to you, look for an expat! Here are 8 bloggers and/or instagrammers sharing in-depth travel information on some of the world’s most popular destinations.

1. Oui in France – France

Diana has been an expat living in France since 2012. Now she writes about everyday life in France alongside her French husband Tom. This is not a blog for those who want to see the romanticized side of France, but to get a deep dive into what normal life is like for someone living in France.

2. This Girl Abroad – Hong Kong

This Canadian blogger living in Hong Kong shares detailed tips about living, working and eating in Hong Kong. You can find her blog here, although her instagram account gets more frequent and personal updates!

3. Tasmanian Expeditions – Tasmania

For those who love Australia but want to take it up a notch, there’s Tasmania. Rugged and wild, there is so much to be explored on this island state located south of Australia’s mainland. Tasmanian Expeditions offers active, responsible, memorable and experience-rich trips exploring this incredible island. But if you’re more curious than ready to book a trip, give them a follow on the gram!

4. Cecilia Blomdahl – Svalbard

“Hi I’m Cecilia and I live on Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole,” she begins her videos. Videographer and YouTuber Cecilia Blomdahl has lived on the Norwegian island of Svalbard for the past years. Through her videography skills, incredible drone shots, and warm personality, Cecilia gives us a glimpse of life in the world’s northernmost city. Her YouTube channel features beautiful views of the island and wildlife, insider knowledge of the costs of living in a remote location, and how she stays healthy and happy during the island’s 2 ½ months of darkness called polar nights.

5. Great Canadian Trails – Canada

The @GreatCanadianTrails Instagram account has all the content your inner trekkie needs. Aside from the sheer beauty of the photos, you’ll enjoy facts about Canada’s incredible wildlife, trail tips, and even a bit of Canadian history along the way. When you’re ready to book your outdoor Canadian adventure, head to the website here!

6. Sol Salute – Argentina

Erin is a native Texan that has always loved travel. Even at a young age, she knew she would live abroad one day. Now she has been in Argentina for 13 years and even married and had kids there. If you want to truly know the ins and outs of travel in the lovely country of Argentina, look no further than Erin’s blog Sol Salute and instagram account.

7. Swiss Family Fun – Switzerland

Tanya lives in Zurich and has spent the past 18 years chronicling her hikes and adventures in Switzerland with her family on her blog. You can find detailed info on hikes, indoor adventures, food, and more here. Check out her Instagram too for beautiful pictures and more tips for getting around in Switzerland.

8. The Navigatio – Japan/Europe

This blog focuses on travel in Japan and how to do “city breaks” throughout some of Europe’s most spectacular cities. Nele is the writer and travel extraordinaire; she is originally from the south of the Netherlands. She loves to focus on urban experiences on a mid-range budget. 

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