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Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Romantic Valentine’s Destinations Around the World

Romantic Valentine’s Destinations from around the World

Are you looking for a romantic destination for your Valentine’s getaway? Romance can have different meanings for everyone. Some visualize Paris as the ultimate city of romance: the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, the Tuileries Gardens. Others would prefer Fiji: the beaches, luxury hotels, and the tropical beauty. Regardless of what your ideal romantic vision is, there is a place for you, special Valentine’s destinations that will live in your memories forever.

From ice hotels in Finland to the incredible beauty of wild Patagonia in southern Chile, the possibilities for an exciting Valentine’s abroad are endless. Here are just a few.

Romantic Destinations in Europe

Kemi, Finland

A land of ice, frozen beauty, and the Northern Lights. Staying at the Kemi Snow Castle, a hotel built entirely from snow and ice, is a unique adventure all by itself. There are lots of activities, geared towards tourists, such as dog sledding, the reindeer farm, and Northern Lights tours. The Sampo Icebreaker offers a tour of the ship, meeting the Captain as you sail the Bay and a once in a lifetime chance to float in the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia in insulated suits.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Mountains fall down to the green waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sheer cliffs descend to tiny beaches and gem-like waters. Pastel-colored villages dot the shores. While you are there, you can explore by car or rent a boat. Oh, and don’t forget to take along a good camera!

Prague, Czechia

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague may soon become the most romantic. A river cruise through this city of castles, chateaux, and forts, all laden with history, is the start of a romantic visit. Horse-drawn carriages take tours of the Old Town. Restaurants on the top floors of tall buildings offer gorgeous views. Tours and scenic walks can be found everywhere.

Paris, France

No list would be complete without the City of Love. Picture you and your significant other eating at a restaurant on the Champs Elysees, taking photographs under the Arc de Triomphe, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Or how about a quiet afternoon browsing books at the cozy Shakespeare and Company bookstore in central Paris? What could be more romantic?

Romantic Destinations in North America

Tofino, British Columbia

While Niagara Falls is spectacular, and ice skating in Banff is a wonderful experience. Storm watching in Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia must be one of the most extraordinary ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Tofino is on the Pacific coast; no land lies west of it until you reach Japan. The storm waves can reach 20 feet in height. Several inns and hotels were built with storm watching in mind, and you can watch in comfort from inside or brave the elements outside.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country with a great variety of experiences to choose from. The Pacific Ocean lies on one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other. Their beaches are incredible. In addition to activities like horseback riding on the beach, you can try parasailing, zip-lining, and hiking–and don’t forget about salsa dancing.

Romantic Destinations in South America

Amazon River, South America

A riverboat cruise on the Amazon, gliding past the tropical rainforest, sipping champagne. Cruises are available in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Besides watching the scenery go past, the cruises encourage passengers to enjoy their excursions, trekking through the rainforest, bird and wildlife watching. Kayaking is also available, along with journeys to indigenous villages.

Patagonia Region, Chile

In southern Chile lies the region called Patagonia: a land of jagged mountains, glaciers, and exotic wildlife. Nowhere else can you find this incredible wild beauty. A tour of Torres del Paine National Park is both romantic and thrilling–a photographer’s dream. 

Thinking about a romantic getaway this year? The possibilities are almost endless. You can hit the Pacific Island beaches, the Northern Lights in the Yukon Territories, expeditions to Antarctica or exploring volcanoes in Indonesia. Unique and dazzling locations can be found all around the globe.

Do you need other ideas for romantic destinations? Check out this list!

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