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Top 6 Reasons You Should Spend Christmas in Europe

Top 6 Reasons You Should Spend Christmas in Europe

Why Spend Christmas in Europe

Would you love to spend Christmas in Europe? Some of our oldest and most cherished Christmas traditions originated across the sea. Europe is the perfect winter getaway to enjoy some of the world’s most wonderful festivities and create priceless memories with your family. Here’s why you should spend Christmas in Europe!

6. You’ll get to enjoy rich culture firsthand.

Travel abroad during a major holiday like Christmas and you can bet you’re visiting during one of the most fun and festive times of the year. You’ll be seeing the most dazzling decor and sampling some of the most decadent comfort food your host country has to offer. Not all European countries celebrate Christmas the same way. You might be surprised and delighted by some of the new traditions you discover!

5. There will be plenty to do.

Whether your travel personality is the thrill-seeker, the artist, or the historian, there’s something for everyone. Attend a Christmas concert in Vienna, go skiing in Switzerland, or eat your way through Brussels. If you’ve never experienced a Christkindlmarkt, put this at the top of your list. Here are 16 of the best Christmas Markets Europe has to offer.

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4. Prices might be lower.

In the world of airfare, there are three “seasons.” High season (summer), shoulder season (spring and fall), and low season (winter). Tickets are usually most expensive during high or peak season when travelers are able to get off work or school. Prices dip a little during shoulder season and are the lowest during the cold winter months. Keep in mind, they do spike up again around the holidays. But you might still snag a good deal if you are flexible with your dates and even your destination.

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3. You’ll experience a different kind of tourist crowd.

We can’t promise there will be no crowds around a major holiday. However, unlike the gawking crowds of summertime sightseers, your winter crowds will be a little bit more local. If you love the idea of a more authentic travel experience, a winter vacation might be your sweet spot.

2. It’s the best Christmas gift to give each other.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to gift-giving? Your loved ones probably have enough fuzzy slippers and flannel bathrobes. Not to be cheesy, but memories truly are one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Instead of tearing apart the mall trying to buy stuff no one really needs, travel together. You won’t regret it.

1. You can leave all the chaos of holiday planning behind you.

Office parties, Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts… trying to get your home clean, decorated and filled with food for your out-of-town relatives… Who started this tradition of making Christmas the most chaotic time of the year? (Seriously, who?!) Book a trip to Europe this Christmas and give yourself some much-needed rest!

Looking for suggestions on some of the best places to go for Christmas? Take a look at these top destinations for a cozy Christmas in Europe.

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