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10 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent

Ever thought of becoming a professional travel agent? Have you been told it’s a dying industry? If you thought travel agents were not in high demand because of the internet, think again. The travel agent industry is projected to generate 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020. Travelers are returning to travel agents for their expertise and quality travel experience. Are you looking to monetize a travel blog? Do you love to travel and want the opportunity to travel more? Or maybe you’re looking for a side hustle. Becoming a travel agent could be the job for you!

Below are the top 10 reasons to become a travel agent.

1. You’ll have the opportunity to travel like a millionaire.

Being a travel agent gives you the opportunity to take trips at a discounted rate. Most travel suppliers offer discounts to their agents that book with them. A lot of these discounts aren’t advertised; however, they can make a major difference when traveling.

2. You can work anywhere.

Your job is to book and sell travel to customers–how you do that is up to you. You have the opportunity to sell your Bali trip while in Bali, or you can simply work at home or in a local coffee shop. The choice is yours! Anywhere you can jump online is fine.

3. You have a variety of ways to get paid.

The good thing about travel agents is they have a variety of ways to receive an income. Before 2002, most agents took commissions on airfare, hotels, and tour packages. However, commissions nowadays can be unpredictable. Today, most agents charge fees for their services. Click here to learn more about fees.

4. You don’t need a degree.

Most agents don’t have college degrees. This is a career with profit potential–without all the schooling or student loans.

5. You will get good at geography.

If geography wasn’t your best subject, you might want to brush up on your skills. “Do you know the way to San Jose?” Well, San Jose, California, is a far cry from San Jose, Costa Rica. Your clients would not be happy if you sent them to the wrong San Jose. Also, there is no better way to look unprofessional or lose a sale than not knowing where a destination is. You will become the expert on travel AND geography as a travel agent.

6. You can sell the travel you want – become an expert!

Yes, you have to be fairly knowledgeable about geography, but you don’t have to know the details of everything. Most successful travel agents work within a niche market. Their niche could consist of Disney vacations, European travel, destination weddings, etc. You can niche anything! Odds are you will generate more business if you specialize in a specific area of travel.

7. You could travel A LOT.

You get access to something called FAM TRIPS. Fam trips are short for “familiarization” trips. They are discounted, round trips intended to get you familiar with a destination–all so you can sell them better to your clients. They aren’t the typical laid-back vacation. Most of them have a scheduled itinerary so you can experience all things related to that destination. Plus, they can be low priced! You also have access to thousands of discounts with other travel companies!

8. Travel agents are still relevant.

Travel is becoming more and more important to consumers. Millennials now incorporate travel into their life goals and budgets. Consumers will pay for travel expertise to give them the most authentic experience abroad. Although they can book themselves online, travel agents still hold the knowledge.

9. You could learn a new language…or better yet, don’t!

To book air, old school travel agents were trained on a Global Distribution System (GDS). It is a software system that displays all of the bookings of air, hotels, tours, car rentals, etc. It looks straight out of the 1990s. Using a GDS is like using a computer for coding. It takes at least a year to get fully acquainted with its cryptic messages. A better solution is to book air on Centrav.com, where everything is a simple point and click. They help you “book air the easy way” without needing a GDS.  You’ll have access to both domestic and international airlines. Centrav even offers discounted international airfares on most itineraries.

10. You can pick your host agency.

A host agency is a network that is accredited with ARC/IATAN and serves as your covering. If you join a host agency, there are even more benefits: more commissions, networking opportunities, technology, education, tools, higher commissions, and access to lots of travel deals! You will become part of a family.

To find a good host agency, check out Host Agency Reviews.

There are many amazing ways you can work and make money in the travel industry–but becoming a travel agent is worth your while. You learn the ins and outs of all types of destinations, you get travel deals for yourself, and you have the freedom to work from home. The travel agent industry is changing, and you could be part of it!

Macy Maxson

As Digital Marketing Strategist at Centrav, Macy loves all things marketing. Her passion is to help travel professionals run their business well and succeed! Her favorite destinations to travel to include the Caribbean and Europe.

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