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2021 Summer Travel: How to Answer Clients’ Top Questions

2021 Summer Travel: How to Answer Clients’ Top Questions

Are you struggling to answer your clients’ top questions related to 2021 summer travel?

Summer travel is officially here and your travelers are ready to go. For many of your clients, this will be the first time they step on a plane since winter of 2019 — or maybe even longer! Though we’ve heard it often enough, it bears repeating: travel has changed. And travel continues to change every day. Because of this, you may find yourself inundated with questions from your excited, but anxious travelers. If you’re struggling to manage all your bookings (and rebookings!) all while staying up-to-date with the latest travel info, you are not alone! Travel agents everywhere are scrambling to stay on top of changing information. So what can you do? 

Finding the information you need to help your clients

If the above situation sounds like you right now, here are a few tips to help you provide your clients with the best answer possible.

1. Don’t rush it! 

Everyone is looking for an immediate answer. But it is better to ask your clients to wait rather than give it your best guess and possibly give them incorrect information. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into guessing. This can quickly get you and your client into a mess later on. 

2. Phone a friend

Your fellow travel agents are indispensable when it comes to getting the latest information. If you can’t seem to track down a consistent answer, ask another travel agent what their experience has been.

3. Verify your sources

A travel blog or article is not always the most reliable source of information. If you’re looking for travel regulations, the best places to look are US Embassy or .gov websites. When searching for airline regulations, check the airline’s website directly and call the airline itself to check that the listed regulations apply to your client’s specific ticket. As in any situation, regulations can change even within an airline depending on fare type, destination, travel dates, and more! 

Top Questions Related to Travel (and where to search)

Please note: These resources are simply a suggested place to start. All travel agents are responsible for researching travel regulations for their clients. Centrav does not quote travel regulations pertaining to COVID, visas, passports, etc.

Where can I travel right now?

While there is not one official source for open destinations, this list from CNN receives updates regularly. CNN links to the US Embassy website for each destination to verify details. And, of course, the embassy websites are always your best bet for accurate destination information.

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Will I have to quarantine?

This question is definitely something you and your clients will have to research in advance in order to prepare for their trip. If quarantines or testing are required upon arrival, your client may need to book a few extra days or find out how and where to get a COVID test taken. The best place to find this information is the US Embassy website. You can also check with your clients’ hotel or resort to see if they offer on-site testing.

What does my airline require in order to board?

Does my airline offer COVID-free flights? These are a few questions you may be getting regularly. In order to research questions pertaining to a specific airline you will want to do two things. First, check the airline’s website for a COVID FAQ page. Read this thoroughly. After you have read the information, contact the airline with ticket numbers to see what the requirements are. We are often finding that requirements vary not only from airline to airline, but also based upon the destination.

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