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Tips for 2021 Travel

COVID-19 Resources: Important Tips for 2021 Travel

COVID-19 Resources and Tips for 2021 Travel

Everyone is itching to get traveling again. The past year has been long and difficult and nothing sounds more inviting than a week on a beautiful beach. As travelers start to feel ready to make journeys once again, there are several things to keep in mind in order to plan a safe and smooth trip. Here are a few COVID-19 resources and trips for 2021 travel!

Plan ahead and be prepared

It’s nice to take a spontaneous vacation once in a while — making plans last minute, doing whatever you feel like each day. But this year is a good time to plan each part of your journey thoroughly. Make a thorough plan for each day. Know where you are going and what the requirements are for each restaurant, venue, or excursion. Build in time between each activity for delays. Make your reservations as early as possible. As more people become comfortable with the idea of traveling again, prices will start to rise and space will be limited. 

Be aware of policies

Know what health and safety protocols are in place for every destination you plan to visit, and every travel vendor you plan to use.

As you may have heard, travelers entering the United States will now be required to demonstrate proof of a negative COVID-19 test beginning on January 26th. Even some states are requiring a negative test as well. Make sure to check policies and protocols frequently in the days and weeks leading up to your trip. Things change quickly and unexpectedly. 

Additional travel resources:

Get insured

When COVID-19 brought the first large wave of travel cancellations last spring, many travelers found themselves in difficult situations due to the type of insurance they had (or lack of insurance). Getting insurance — the right kind of insurance — is more important than ever. Make sure you know what kind of health emergencies your coverage protects and what it does not. What happens if you need to cancel? What circumstances would allow you to cancel? Should you get Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance? When in doubt, it is helpful to talk through these questions with your trusted travel advisor.

Be flexible 

Flexibility is key! Travelers hoping to take a vacation in 2021 should be prepared for changes. Changes to flights, changes to travel, and safety rules happen. Go with the flow! Have a plan B and C lined up just in case things don’t go as expected. Give your travel advisor lots of grace as they plan your trip, knowing they are navigating many unique challenges on your behalf.

Have fun, play it safe

Should we go to the crowded indoor mall or the spacious outdoor shopping center? What about timing? Should we travel during the busy holiday week or opt for the week after? Should we do a multi-stop trip or one destination? If you find yourself circling back on one concern over and over — listen to your gut! Go with whichever decision will help you feel more peaceful and relaxed. Have fun, but use wisdom and common sense. After all, it’s difficult to enjoy a vacation where you are stressing over your itinerary. Go slow, stay safe!

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Shawna is passionate about helping travel agents grow their business and expand their knowledge as travel experts. She has been in the travel industry since 2011, helping agents and travelers alike find the best negotiated airfare and travel coverage to meet their needs.

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