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Plan an Escape to These Beautiful Beach Destinations

Plan an Escape to These Gorgeous Beaches

Beach Destinations Await! Let Us Virtually Whisk You Away!

Who is missing a little Vitamin Sea? In no time at all, beaches will be welcoming holiday-goers once again. Now is the time to start planning! In the meantime, let calm consume you as we virtually escape to beautiful beach destinations in the southern Atlantic, eastern Africa, and even a landlocked European city!

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Plan an Escape to These Beautiful Beach Destinations

Eleuthera: Pink-Sand Paradise

A mere 80 kilometers east of Nassau, Bahamas, sits a straw-shaped island called Eleuthera. The 180-kilometer-long, 1.6-kilometer-wide landmass anchors the Bahamian “Out Islands” and boasts 336 kilometers of pink-sand beaches.

Though commonly considered a Caribbean enclave, technically, Eleuthera is in the Atlantic Ocean — so beware of sharks and rays. But don’t let fear stop you from snorkeling! The postcard-perfect Xanadu is wreathed with must-see coral reefs bursting with vibrant marine life.

Eleuthera derives from the Greek word “eleutheros,” meaning “free” — and as far as beach destinations go, vacationing on the isolated island will undoubtedly free you from pent-up stress. There’s a reason why Lenny Kravitz, the sultan of smooth, has a house on Eleuthera.

Eleuthera’s most beautiful beach destinations include:

  1. Winding Bay Beach, a windsurfer’s paradise.
  2. Ten Bay Beach, whose shallow waters and shade trees make it ideal for kids and seniors alike.
  3. Surfer’s Beach, a place to catch killer waves.
  4. Harbour Island, a little cay off the island’s coast.

If you want to experience the “real” Eleuthera, book a trip before 2022. Disney bought a 700-acre chunk of the island last year and plan to dust some Disney magic over it.

 Plan an Escape to These Beautiful Beach Destinations

Diani Beach, Kenya

Only in Kenya is there a palm-lined coast where crystalline waters unfurl into white-sand beaches — on which camel rides are the hot ticket! A favorite of the sunbathing cognoscenti since the 1970s, Diani Beach is a 17-kilometer stretch in eastern Africa that travelers continuously vote as one of the world’s best getaways.

In addition to camels, Diani Beach is hopping with monkeys, and the presence of a nearby wildlife reserve means impressive birds soar above.

What to do in Diani Beach:

During the day, relax, kitesurf, skydive, snorkel, or jet ski; in Diani, choices abound. History fanatics should clear time for Kongo Mosque. Since the 1500s, it’s majestically capped the northern tip of Diani Beach and is a rare example of 16th-century religious architecture.At night, settle in for a meal at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. The front doesn’t dazzle, but walking through its doors feels like entering a C.S. Lewis wardrobe. Beyond the facade awaits a magical, sparkling restaurant nestled into the curves of a prehistoric cave awash in candlelight.

While in town, environmental enthusiasts should book a swim with Swedish conservationist Voler Bassen, a whale shark advocate who leads weekend water safaris.

 Plan an Escape to These Beautiful Beach Destinations

Geneva: Believe it or Not, Beach Destinations Galore

Equator, coastal, isolated — these things typically spring to mind at the mention of beautiful beach destinations. So you may be shocked to learn that Geneva, the Swiss city, boasts a robust beach scene.

Take the Bains des Pâquis, a public beach in the middle of the city. With its famously inexpensive-but-delicious snack-and-wine bar, a travel writer once described it as “an eccentric cross between a Parisian cafe and American summer camp.”

And Bains des Pâquis isn’t the only beach in Geneva!

Plage de la Savonnière:

A place for frolicking families, Savonnière is a pebbly beach dotted with pizza shacks, ice cream huts, and lots of trees. Go for the cookout vibe; stay for the paddleboarding.

Plage de Versoix:

If you’re always up for live music, check out Plage de Versoix on Thursday nights in the summer. During the day, rent a pedalo or read a book under the waterside tree canopy.

Lac de Passy:

Imagine yourself on a pristine beach. As warm sand gently glides through your toes, you look out onto an aquamarine lake sprinkled with water-defying aqua bikers and paddle boarders. Then, you shift your gaze skyward, and there, cutting through the azure sky, are the snow-capped Swiss Alps. In other words, unbridled magnificence is on tap at Lac de Passy.

We won’t stay grounded forever! Use this time to research and book your next sun-soaked escape.

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