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The Best Destinations for Families With Kids

The Best Destinations for Families With Kids

Best Destinations for Families With Kids

More countries are starting to open their borders for travel. And it is likely that as people begin to make travel plans, they will opt for traveling with members of their own household.

If you’re among the millions of people eager to take a family vacation, you need to decide which places are the best destinations for families. If you have children, then you need to find a spot that caters to people of every generation. Here are a few places you could consider visiting the next time you travel with kids.

Costa Rica

Your kids’ imaginations will run wild when they find themselves within the jungles of this Central American paradise. Between the ziplining, ropes courses, and horseback riding, there are plenty of activities on offer that will keep kids entertained.


With delicious food and a unique culture, Thailand will provide kids with an unforgettable experience. The hustle and bustle of Bangkok will have them in awe, while a trip to the beach is sure to be fun for the whole family.


With no language barrier, this country (and continent!) is a great option for American families. The cities are modern and full of cultural delights, from the Sydney Opera House (which even kids can appreciate) to the raucous atmosphere of an Aussie rules football match. The natural scenery is impressive, and children will love seeing kangaroos, koalas, and other famous Australian creatures. The Great Barrier Reef is also a must-see for any ocean-loving family.


If your kids like Mexican food, warm weather, and the beach, then they’re sure to have a great time in Mexico. The many all-inclusive resorts on the coast offer all sorts of activities and amenities, meaning your kids couldn’t get bored if they tried.


When you think of Paris, you might imagine museums, monuments, and other “adult” activities that kids wouldn’t enjoy. In reality, France has plenty to offer a multi-generational family. A picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower will provide both memories and sublime photo opportunities, while Disneyland is bound to be a hit with the kids.


Safe, affordable, and downright gorgeous, this Southeast Asian gem makes for a fantastic family vacation. The beaches are great for swimming, and the nature on display is bound to impress the kids. A canoe ride past rural villages will give children a memory they’ll never forget.


With its delightful mix of culture and climate, Spain makes for a great destination throughout the year. Soccer culture is huge in Barcelona, Madrid, and a number of other cities. Taking in a match at the stadium, where the color and noise from the stands compete with the play on the field for your attention, will make your kids’ jaws drop.


This country is both gorgeous and kid-friendly. It is a great choice for families looking to take their first trip to Africa. The natural landscape, which includes jungles, beaches, and waterfalls, is resplendent. You can also take your family to Elmina Castle, which served as a prison for slaves awaiting the perilous journey to the Americas. Although this is a heavy experience, it is also powerful and infinitely valuable to learn about the horrors that happened here.


The natural and architectural beauty of this peninsular nation is so impressive that even children will be impressed. The pizza and pasta will also keep your little ones begging for seconds.


Looking to the future of family travel

As international travel again becomes an option, there is no shortage of countries where you travel with kids. As you plan your next vacation, don’t forget this list of the best destinations for families. Any one of these countries would provide your kids with a trip they’d never forget.

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