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Generation Z Travel Trends: What You Need to Know

Generation Z Travel Trends: What You Need to Know

Generation Z, nicknamed Gen Z and iGeneration, is the youngest and newest generation that launched around 1996. Gen Z  follows the infamous Millennials, yet the two eras reveal drastic differences. As the oldest iGeneration surpasses 20 years old, it’s time to study their consumer behavior. Their buying power transcends $140 billion, and this number will only continue to increase. As these young travelers dapple with trending gap years and study abroad programs, travel agents should learn about Generation Z travel trends–and capitalize on them.

Top Generation Z Travel Trends

Social media influences where to travel.

Generation Z consults social media to discover the most beautiful destinations. If a country shows high “instagrammability,” it arouses young travelers to visit. Travel agents can follow iGeneration travel interests by researching the top travel hashtags to uncover the most popular and envied vacation spots around the world.

Bargains make travel better.

Though a majority still travel under their parents, Generation Z appreciates a good travel deal. For those who fly solo, iGeneration will save where they can. Studies show 62% of Gen Zers will work to fund their travels. To accommodate iGeneration needs, travel agents should scour reputable brands for the best hotel discounts and airfare savings.

iGeneration requires wireless.

Connected since the cradle, Gen Z grew up alongside Google and YouTube sensations. Thus, WiFi remains a top priority when traveling, as it allows them to connect with loved ones and live stream travel experiences. Travel agents can educate Gen Z travelers on alternative options for internet access, such as hotspot devices, local SIM cards, and VPNs.

Generation Z values sustainable travel.

iGeneration desires to “do more good” through socially-conscious travel. Travel agents can highlight sustainable travel options for Gen Z itineraries, offering opportunities that support local farmers, tackle humanitarian work, or feed refugees with an airfare purchase.

Gen Z craves authentic travel experiences.

Gen Z gags at tourist traps. Instead, iGeneration hunts for authentic travel experiences off-the-beaten-track. Travel agents, take notice: instead of booking pre-planned tours, iGeneration will enjoy programs like Airbnb Experiences where travelers can partner with a local in the community to discover personalized courses and original excursions.

Adventure travel beckons iGeneration.

iGeneration isn’t looking for an all-inclusive getaway; these young travelers want to breathe, taste, and sweat the daring regions of the world. Growing up in a world of immediacy, Gen Z wants to take the trip of a lifetime–now. Travel agents can learn by promoting bucket list destinations and activities, so Gen Zers can start checking off their dream list.

10 Best Places to Travel for Young People

With Generation Z travel trends in mind, here are the top destinations for young people to travel:

  1. Italy
  2. USA
  3. Japan
  4. Spain
  5. Canada
  6. Germany
  7. Poland
  8. Romania
  9. Mexico
  10. New Zealand

For a comprehensive guide on Generation Z travel trends, check out the Generation Z Travel Index by The Holiday Place. 

Macy Maxson

As Digital Marketing Strategist at Centrav, Macy loves all things marketing. Her passion is to help travel professionals run their business well and succeed! Her favorite destinations to travel to include the Caribbean and Europe.

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