Send This Itinerary to Trip Builder

If you have made a booking and want to make a similar one with minor changes, Centrav has a tool called Trip Builder to help you. Rather than starting from scratch with a new booking simply use your old booking as a template.

  1. To begin select, “My Bookings”
  2. Pull up the booking you want to use as a template by clicking “view”
    1. Note: It doesn’t matter what type of booking it is: ticketed, canceled, needs payment–all bookings will work to create a template.
  3. Once you view your booking, you can create a template by clicking “Send Itinerary to Trip Builder” on the right column of your screen.
  4. After clicking, it will bring you to the Trip Builder tool where you can change the number of adults, children, infants that are flying. You can also edit the itinerary–remove a flight, add a stopover, change the flight times, etc.
  5. You can price the itinerary in this and book it.


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