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Murder Mystery Train Rides

Climb Aboard One of these Murder Mystery Train Rides

7 Murder Mystery Train Rides to Try in the USA

When train travel first rose to popularity in the United States, many people were uncomfortable with the idea of hurling across the country at the breakneck speed of 30 miles per hour. 30 miles an hour. How could you see anything with the countryside flying by so fast? Was it even safe? If only they knew that now we travel at speeds over 500 miles per hour… in the air! 

Today traveling by train inspires feelings of nostalgia — a lookback to a slower-paced time when travel was an event to dress up for and enjoy. Some even say that train travel was responsible for the very first travel agency. That’s certainly something to celebrate! If you love all things travel AND vintage, consider booking one of these murder mystery train rides on your next domestic trip! 

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Please note: Due to COVID, some of these train rides may be temporarily suspended while others are operating with additional safety measures in place. Please view the website for current information and schedules.

  1. Royal Gorge Murder Mystery (Colorado)

The Royal Gorge Route is famous, not only for their dinner and mystery theater production but for the incredible views along the route. They welcome you to step out at any time during the journey and view the stunning Arkansas River from the 360° view of the observation car. Get more information and view pictures of this amazing route here.

  1. Napa Valley Wine Train (California)

Mystery. Mayhem. Murder. The luxurious Napa Valley Wine Train boasts a multi-course gourmet meal and a delightful dinner theater experience aboard their 2-hour vintage ride. And the best part is — you get to dress up to fit with the theme of the mystery! Choose from one of the following themed rides and dress to play the part!

  • Crime and Punishment: 20’s attire
  • Death of a Gangster: 20’s attire
  • Dance with Death: 50’s attire
  • Totally 80’s: 80’s attire
  • Midnight at the Masquerade: Masquerade attire
  • Wizard and Witches: Witch hats and wizard robes are encouraged
  • Now You See It; Now You Don’t: Elegant evening gowns and suits
  • Till Death Do Us Part: Wedding Attire. Wear your own wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suit, etc.
  • The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year: Holiday or Christmas Sweater-themed attire
  1. Cumberland Murder Mystery Train (Maryland)

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad offers a variety of train experiences including a Polar Express, Family Pizza Train, and Easter Train. They also offer a 3-hour Murder Mystery Train ride for ages 21 and up. Choose from the variety of menu items such as filet mignon, crab cakes, ham, or lasagna and enjoy dinner and a show as you journey from the historic Cumberland Station to the Frostburg Depot.

  1. Murder On The Bellevue Express (Rhode Island)

The Newport & Narragansett Bay Railroad offers passengers the chance to go back in time and experience travel as the rich and famous would have, on their way to a summer at a Newport mansion, beach, or yacht club. Their “Murder on the Bellevue Express” experience, which they call a “rolling speakeasy” provides a night of fun and intrigue 1920’s style.

  1. Murder Mystery Dinner Train (Michigan)

This murder mystery ride, hosted by Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road in Michigan, runs every Saturday evening throughout the year. While the mysteries themselves are rotated, you can always expect a 5-course meal and lots of audience participation. You might even be selected as “the victim!”

  1. Oregon Murder Mystery Train (Oregon)

This family-friend mystery ride is suitable for all ages. The trip begins at the Hood River and lasts 4.5 hours. Travelers can engage with the characters as well as look for clues on board to solve the mystery before the end of the train ride. While a meal is not provided, boxed lunches are available for purchase when your tickets are ordered.

  1. Fillmore & Western Railway (California)

Located in Fillmore, California, the Filmore & Western trains are frequently used for filmmaking. In addition to providing Hollywood’s “movie trains,” Fillmore & Western offer rides for vintage-loving visitors. Solve a murder as you enjoy a meal aboard a lunch or dinner murder mystery train! Ages 7 and up may ride on the lunch train and 18 and older are welcome on the dinner trains.


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