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New Distribution Capability

New Year, New Distribution Capability

What is NDC (New Distribution Capability)?

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, is an XML standard created by IATA which allows the distribution of airfares and ancillaries through third parties. This will replace the outdated EDIFACT protocol. The EDIFACT protocol, currently used by GDSs, can only communicate fares and schedules and have not kept up with the ever-changing technology and products in the industry.

Essentially, the goal of NDC is to promote airfare transparency in the shopping experience for air travel consumers.

Why NDC?

Currently, when you go to purchase airfare on any website, you have limitations! Not all fares are created equal and this requires travel professionals to continually shop around on various channels to find the best fare for their customer. NDC standardizes the way airfare is sold to consumers–making a purchase easier and more transparent.

Traditional Flight Distribution

New Distribution Capability

Airline Retailing in an NDC World

New Distribution Capability

Shopping for Airlines

When you shop for airlines now you can only search on price, schedule, and airline.

New Distribution Capability

With NDC, you’ll have vaster searching capabilities.

New Distribution Capability

Who is going to benefit?

Airlines will benefit from NDC

NDC standards will lead airlines to distribute the entirety of their product portfolio. Because of this, airline fees will be more transparent. Full-service carriers and low-cost carriers will both build the trust of their clients.

Travel advisors will benefit from NDC

Now you will be able to clearly give your clients what they want for airfare. You’ll be able to effectively communicate the trade-offs for lower rate fares vs the benefits of high rate fares. For example, many low-cost carriers often charge you for a carry-on, to choose your seat, etc. while other major carriers do not. Often times to get all the same services you end up paying the same rates. NDC is going to standardize this so you’ll be able to see all services offered for each rate.

Travelers will benefit from NDC

NDC will improve the airfare shopping experience for travelers of all kinds. We’ve all been there when trying to find a cheaper fare rate–we end up with a middle seat next to the bathroom and having to pay for a carry-on bag. Now the traveler will be able to see exactly what they’re getting from each airline with each fare.

What do travel advisors need to do about NDC?

If all this talk about NDC is confusing you, we have good news! Centrav is on top of it and we will make sure that your booking process remains simple and straightforward. As NDC allows more flight information to be released to us, we will make that information available to you on Centrav.com. We’ve got this!

All you need to do is sit back and relax, because booking air with Centrav is about to get even easier.

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Greg is Vice President of Business Development and has been employed with Centrav since June of 1991. He serves as an integral part of Centrav's leadership team with a focus on client relations and sales.

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