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Pack Light When You Travel

7 Ways to Pack Light When You Travel

7 Way to Pack Light When You Travel

Without proper planning that relaxing vacation you’ve looked forward to for so long won’t be all that relaxing. One factor that can contribute to stress while traveling is overpacking. Overpacking often happens when travelers get lazy about planning and start throwing everything they think they “might need” in the suitcase. But then the luggage is overweight, or things get lost, or the hotel room gets messy. Reduce your stress by planning and packing well. Here are a few ways you can try to pack light when you travel.

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Pack Light Checklist

1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best way to pack light when you travel abroad. Not only can they help to compact your wardrobe but are a great way to organize as well. Most packing cube sets come with a variety of sizes. This way you can divide your clothing by type such as one cube for shirts, one for socks and undergarments, etc. Check out these sets of packing cubes for ideas!

2. Mix and match

Another great way to pack light when you travel is to mix and match your clothing. Pack tops and bottoms that can be paired well with others so you can make many outfits out of fewer pieces of clothing. Make sure to layer appropriately for your destination and the kind of weather you will be expecting.

3. Mind the shoes

Shoes are one of the top areas travelers overpack. Boots, hiking shoes, dressy shoes, sandals… These can take up your entire suitcase pretty fast if you’re not careful. Can you get away with two or three pairs of shoes? The answer is most likely, yes! If it’s summer, flip flops are essential! You can bring a cheap pair for the beach and a dress pair if you plan to go out. Wear your good walking shoes on the plane and you’re set!

4. Scale back on toiletries

How much do you really need? Don’t bring your entire skincare regimen. It’s ok to keep it simple for a week! Bring only what you really need and stick with toiletries that have more than one purpose. For example, you might bring a moisturizer that also works to remove makeup. Or grab one of these handy multitasking lip and cheek tints. Shampoo bars are not only a space saver, but help to reduce plastic waste as well. LUSH has a great line of shampoo bars that will save you space and love your hair. Consider sharing some toiletries with the rest of the family or buying a few things once you arrive at your final destination.

5. Figure out what your hotel or resort will provide

Can you leave your bulky hairdryer at home? Will your resort allow you to bring towels to the beach? Figure out what exactly the hotel will provide for you and what you will need to bring for yourself.

6. Multi-purpose technology

Do you need your phone, iPad, and a camera? Or can you bring just one of these things? Minimizing your technology will not only save you space, but also help you to disconnect a little bit. And disconnecting can be so helpful for truly getting you into relaxation mode!

7. Leave jewelry at home

If you want to bring a few small items for a fancy night out, keep them small and simple. Or, better yet, consider buying jewelry from a local artisan at your destination. Jewelry is one of the most common things travelers lose while vacationing abroad. It’s not worth the risk.

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