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Switzerland is re-opening

Switzerland to Re-Open for North American Tourists

Switzerland to Re-open for North American Tourists

Please note: Centrav does not advise as to visa, passport, and/or travel regulations. You must verify all travel requirements and local regulations at your intended destination prior to booking.

Switzerland is hoping to re-open for North American tourists this week, as long as they can provide proof of vaccination. Not only does Switzerland plan to open for tourists, but tourist infrastructures are opening as well. This includes restaurants, leisure centers, and events. More than 4,000 of these businesses will be using the Swiss “Clean & Safe” label which denotes a certain level of cleanliness and protective standards.

Director Americas for Switzerland Tourism, Claudio Zemp, expressed his excitement to welcome tourists again, “I have long believed that Switzerland, with its small boutique towns, rustic villages dotted along picturesque valleys, and wide-open alpine landscapes is the natural choice for a post-Covid holiday. Now that the borders will be open, together with everybody in the Swiss Tourism Industry, we can’t wait to welcome each one of you.” 

What to do while traveling in Switzerland

If you are ready to finally visit the picturesque valleys and villages of Switzerland, your time almost here! While you are planning, here are a few fun ideas to put on your itinerary!

Take a train tour

There are many incredible train tours to try in Switzerland… because, of course… The Alps! But arguably one of the most interesting is the “Cogwheel Railway” up Mount Pilatus. It is the steepest cogwheel railway in the world with an average gradient of 35%. Both the view and the adrenaline rush will take your breath away.

If you consider yourself more of a foodie traveler than a thrill-seeker, try the chocolate train which runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory.

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Eat raclette

Cheese culture is a thing in Switzerland. If your “Swiss cheese” experience is limited to the packaged, holey stuff at your local grocery store then it’s time for you to try raclette. But don’t go in blindly! There are rules and expectations for this special meal. Raclette is usually melted tableside and served alongside small potatoes, pearl onions, gherkins, and sometimes bread. This warm, filling meal is typically served during the colder months. Here are a few ideas of places to try raclette!

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Go skiing

Skiing in Switzerland — it’s a must! Book a stay at one of Switzerland’s many world class ski resorts. Here you will find the perfect blend of adventure and coziness. Spend your day honing your skiing skills and breathing in the fresh mountain air. At night, warm up with good food by the fire, making memories with your loved ones that you’ll treasure for years to come. It is an amazing family trip and with so many ski destinations to choose from you are sure to find just what you need to meet your family’s needs.

European Union to open soon

Switzerland follows other European countries such as France, Spain, and Greece in re-opening. Additionally, the European Union as a whole has plans to re-open throughout the summer. Remember the best place to find country-specific travel information is typically the US Embassy websites. For more information on how to navigate COVID travel questions, check out our recent article on 2021 summer travel!

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