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Why Do My Customers Need Travel Insurance?

Centrav sat down with Yonder Travel Insurance, an aggregation website for travel insurance, to discuss what travel insurance is and why travel agents should purchase it for their customers.

Why is travel insurance important for travelers?

Accidents happen and it’s important your travelers are covered in case of an accident. You also don’t want a client’s bad experience to reflect on you as a travel agent, even if it’s out of your control. Get travelers covered so you don’t have to worry about! Protect your personal brand. Below are the important reasons you should provide your travelers with travel insurance.

  • Trip Protection: Your clients are investing a lot of money into their travel experience, travel insurance offers cancellation coverage for their trip investment (airfare, hotel, tour or cruise costs). Any non-refundable payments or prepaid deposits made toward their trip can be covered.
  • Medical Emergencies: Believe or not, but your medical coverage doesn’t cover all expenses outside of the U.S. In some countries medical costs are very expensive. Consider travel insurance your out-of-country medical coverage. These policies will cover thousands of dollars beyond what your medical coverage at home can cover overseas. Not to mention, every travel insurance policy includes access to a 24/7 travel and medical emergency assistance line, staffed with travel and medical professionals there to ensure your travelers are getting the treatment they need as soon as possible!
  • Travel Emergencies: Other travel emergencies happen more frequently than we would like, travel insurance covers lost baggage, missed connections, flight delays, rental car damages, terrorism, natural disasters, etc.

What’s in it for the travel agent?

Well, first off you can earn a commission on the policies you purchase, but it also takes the pressure off of you if something were to go wrong on their trip. All travel insurance plans include a 24/7 emergency assistance line that travelers can call if a travel related emergency happens (see emergencies listed above). Which means if you communicate to your clients that if any of these emergencies happen to call the number provided before calling you. This will alleviate your in-travel customer service stress. If your customer does have a claim–Yonder advocates on your behalf to the insurance company.

Yonder offers unique policies for your travelers. Are you booking a cruise, business travel, travel for seniors, thrill trips, student? Well, Yonder has coverage for all of these types of travelers and so many more! You’ll always be able to find coverage for your diverse traveling clients.

When should I purchase travel insurance for my customers?

It’s recommended to book as soon as the first deposit or payment is made toward the trip as some policies include additional coverage such as pre-existing condition waiver, primary coverage, and the ability to add on Cancel for Any Reason coverage.

How much does travel insurance generally cost?

The price of travel insurance is dependent upon age, trip cost, and number of travelers“Trip Cost” would be any non-refundable, prepaid deposits or payments made toward your client’s trip that they’d like insured in case they have to cancel or return home early for an unforeseen, covered event. Generally, trip cost includes expenses related to airline tickets, cruise costs, hotel/accommodations, tour costs, etc.

Changes or Cancellations?

Depending on the provider, you can cancel a travel insurance policy 10-15 days after the purchase date. This is called a “free look period”. Any changes to the policy can be made by reaching out to the provider, as long as the insured has not departed on their trip or opened a claim.

How do commissions work with Yonder?

Don’t worry you still get paid, 10% is the commission rate with Yonder and commission checks are sent out quarterly. In order to get your commission, you must click through your affiliate link and purchase the policy for your client! Yonder’s affiliate software has a cookie that tracks any purchase made through your affiliate link 30 days after it’s been clicked.

How do I become an affiliate with Yonder?

  1. Click through this link “www.insureyonder.com/affiliate-area” and enter your information under “Register a new affiliate account”.
  2. An Affiliate Agreement will be sent within 24 hours. Respond to hello@insureyonder.com with executed agreement.
  3. Receive your affiliate link and start earning commission!

How do I contact Yonder?

Phone: 952-358-6440

Toll Free: 855-358-6433

Email: hello@insureyonder.com

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am-5:00 pm CST


Travel insurance not only can get you an extra commission it also provides security and peace of mind to your travelers–and ultimately to you! Travel insurance can save you, as the travel agent, from headaches and disastrous customer service situations. Invest in your brand, and purchase travel insurance for your clients.

Get a policy today!

Macy Maxson

As Digital Marketing Strategist at Centrav, Macy loves all things marketing. Her passion is to help travel professionals run their business well and succeed! Her favorite destinations to travel to include the Caribbean and Europe.

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