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Why Your Clients Need Travel Insurance

Why Your Clients Need Travel Insurance

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Due to the recent global events involving the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers have been more aware of the importance of travel insurance than ever before. In this article, we’ll walk you through what travel insurance is and isn’t and how you can prepare your client for travel beyond coronavirus.

What is travel insurance?

Gives your clients assistance in medical emergencies

Most people aren’t aware that their health insurance policy in the U.S. might not cover them abroad. Medical expense coverage would provide 24/7 assistance if you’re involved in an accident, fall ill, or even if a pre-existing condition flares up again if you qualify for a specific benefit called a Pre-Existing Condition Waiver.

Medical evacuation coverage is definitely not one that’s provided by your health insurance plan. If a serious accident covered by your policy were to happen abroad, the 24/7 emergency services provider of your travel insurance policy would arrange your medical evacuation to a hospital that can provide the treatment you need. Once you’re stable, they would then arrange your transportation back home.

Protection for your trip investment

Canceling your trip can cost you a lot of money! Life happens and you may need to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event such as a family member becoming ill or there’s a hurricane at your destination. Each travel insurance policy has a list of covered events under the trip cancellation benefit. Make sure to review this list to ensure you understand what’s covered!

If you want more flexibility for canceling, make sure you opt for a Cancel for Any Reason benefit. This protects 75% of your trip investment if you decide to cancel for any reason at all!

Prevents fewer travel headaches for you and your client

All travel advisors have been there. Crazy rescheduling of itineraries, bags don’t arrive, missed connections–sound familiar? Travel insurance has coverages like trip delay and missed connection coverage that protects your client when delay expenses start adding up. Baggage delay coverage provides reimbursement for essential items like clothes and toiletries when those bags that are held up. If those bags are somehow lost or stolen, baggage and personal effects loss coverage will refund your traveler for the cost of those belongings.

Travel insurance will make yours and your clients’ lives much smoother if the trip were to go south! As a travel advisor, why wouldn’t you want this coverage for your clients!?

Compare travel insurance plans with Yonder.

Yonder helps you compare travel insurance plans to find the best one for your client, at a price point they’re comfortable with. You can search by your clients’ travel style whether they’re cruising, traveling for business, and even senior travel–Yonder has what you’re looking for. Yonder’s friendly humans are available to assist with any questions you or your client may have and are there to assist with opening and following up on claims when things don’t go as planned!

Earn commission on selling travel insurance.

Compare Plans

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