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10 Resources for Travel You Can Use on Your Phone

10 Resources for Travel You Can Use From Your Phone

Do you have some good resources for travel planning in your back pocket? When planning a trip for yourself or for your clients, there are many moving pieces to manage — and sometimes questions come up at all hours. If you often work on the go, it’s nice to have a few resources for travel available that you can check right from your phone. These apps and online resources will help you both in the planning process for your clients and during your own future vacations!

Air Miles Calculator

Bookmark the Air Miles Calculator to check miles between every airport on your itinerary. Simply enter the airport name, city or IATA code and click “Calculate Distance.”


If you’re turning your attention to domestic travel these days, this is the perfect app to plan your hiking and biking adventures! Search for trails based on length, difficulty or rating with filters to help you find kid or dog-friendly trails. Or, plug in your favorite trail for insider access to all the details, geotagged photos, and navigation tips from other users.

App Store | Google Play

Budget Your Trip

The Budget Your Trip website provides a wealth of useful budgeting information. You can search the average daily costs of travel by city, even breaking down the expenses by categories such as food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment.

Currency Converter

A simple currency converter is a must for before and after your trip!

App Store | Google Play

Google Translate

There are many great language-learning and translation apps available for travel. But the Google translate app is a great starting place due to its simple interface and versatility.

App Store | Google Play

Metric Conversions

When traveling abroad, you’ll want to remember that the majority of the world uses meters, liters, grams, and celsius to measure length, mass, temperature etc. If this has you scratching your head, grab this metric conversions app to help you out in a pinch!

App Store | Google Play


This one is for planning your own trip or to recommend! If you find yourself frequently waiting to pack until the last minute it might be that trying to figure out what you need is seriously stressful. Overpacking can make you feel scattered and underpacking will make you feel unprepared. It’s hard to find the sweet spot! This app will help you curate a packing list based on the length of your trip, the local weather at your destination, and your activities/itinerary. Good-bye packing anxiety!

App Store | Google Play

Seat Guru

Are your clients asking for info about their seating? This amazing tool will make you sound like a travel wizard. Simply pop in the airline, travel date, and flight number to view a layout of the plane along with details added by other passengers such as, “very little legroom, no storage space, too close to the bathroom, etc.” Providing your clients with these little details will help them enjoy a smoother, happier trip!


Meeting and learning from locals is one of the best ways to get a truly authentic travel experience. The Withlocals app will help you connect and communicate with locals at your destination to help you discover the best things to do, places to eat, and some of those under-the-radar gems that make a trip memorable. 

App Store | Google Play


If your phone plan racks up hefty fees for texts while traveling, WhatsApp is a great, free way to connect with your friends and family back home.

App Store | Google Play

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