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8 Travel-Related Gifts for Valentine's Day

8 Travel-Related Gifts for Valentine’s Day

8 Travel-Related Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for travel-related gifts for Valentine’s Day? Is your special someone always dreaming of his or her next vacation? A travel-related gift is a perfect way to dote! Whether it’s a fun travel accessory or the gift of travel itself, your loved one is sure to enjoy one of these travel-related Valentine’s gifts.

1. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are an awesome way to block out the sound of a loud jet. But better yet, they’re great to have all the time! Your Valentine will find many uses for this gift such as working out, mood music while working, or simply relaxing to some favorite music. Bose is a strong favorite for noise-canceling headphones. Or, of course, you can opt for the Apple AirPods Pro for something a little more compact. For something a bit lighter on the budget, but still boasting great reviews, check out these Sennheiser headphones on Amazon.

2. RFID-blocking travel passport and wallet

Identity theft is devastating — and it is even more difficult to work through stolen personal information while traveling. Protect personal information with an RFID-blocking passport holder and wallet. This awesome passport holder comes in several colors and contains just what your Valentine needs to protect all travel documents. It includes passport and board pass pockets, credit card and ID slots, a sim card pouch, money, and coin zipper pocket, along with spaces for your cell phone, a key, and a pen. Grab this cute, fun passport holder for a great gift under $15.

3. Coffee table travel inspo

Like you, we’ve really missed some of our favorite international destinations this past year. But when you can’t go, it’s really fun to keep a bit of wanderlust on your coffee table or nightstand to browse when you need a little escape. There are so many gorgeous travel books out there. So you can probably do a little hunting to find the perfect one for your own special someone. Try searching for books on their favorite city or a niche interest such as “ancient architecture” or “remote islands.” But if you’re in need of a few ideas, here are some good ones!

4. Pillow city skyline

Give your Valentine the gift of a favorite city skyline they miss right on a cute throw pillow. These throw pillows are a fun, yet minimalist way to remind your Valentine of a favorite trip you took together or one you have on your bucket list.

5. Airline tickets

Here’s the riskiest one on our list: airline tickets. If you know your Valentine well enough (and know their schedule well enough) airline tickets make an amazing gift. There’s nothing more exciting! However, if your Valentine prefers to make the plans with you, approach this one with caution. One benefit to traveling in these times is that many airlines are offering super lenient change and cancellation rules. Check with your travel agent to see if you can book tickets with flexibility.

6. Airbnb gift card

When in doubt, get a gift card! An Airbnb gift card is a great gift to help plan a future trip. This could be funding for a romantic getaway later on or even a “Hey, why don’t you plan a weekend with your friends!” The possibilities are endless!

7. MSR Guardian Purifier

Here’s one for your really adventurous Valentine! Clean water is absolutely essential for a safe and healthy adventure trip. Finding pure water can be difficult when out in the wilderness or while abroad. The MSR Guardian Purifier physically removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and particulates, including hepatitis A, E. coli, giardia, cryptosporidium, and more!


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