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How to Use Each of Your Social Media Platforms

How to Use Each of Your Social Media Platforms

Not all social media platforms are equal

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

They all serve to connect people to each other and to products and ideas that they love. But beyond that commonality, each of the social media platforms has its own, very diverse culture, audience, and purpose. Deciding which of these avenues is the best way to market your brand comes down to knowing your niche. Where do they spend their time? What voices do they trust when it comes to making their travel decisions? If you’re ready to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level, it might be time to re-evaluate where you are directing your time and energy.

So let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest social media giants and how you can use them.

How to Use Each of Your Social Media Platforms


Informative and connecting.

Since Facebook allows the widest variety of content of all platforms, this is usually the best place to start your social media marketing efforts. You can share links, simple text, images, and videos relevant to your brand. Your biggest challenge on Facebook is understanding how, when and what to post in order to beat the algorithm. Posting content that engages and taking advantage of Facebook’s paid advertising options will help keep your content visible to your followers.

? Timing is incredibly important when posting content. You must post when your customers are online!

What to post on Facebook:

  • Travel inspiration
  • Travel news and advisories
  • Contests, questions, and polls to generate excitement about your brand
  • Blog posts from your website
  • Thoughtful advertising campaigns targeted towards your niche

How to Use Each of Your Social Media Platforms


Inspirational and influential.

This is where wanderlust begins — one Instagram photo at a time. As a travel advisor, Instagram could be an amazingly profitable opportunity for you. The key is getting your hands on quality photos. Hashtags are a huge component of Instagram marketing. Travel lends itself to a rich variety of popular hashtags. Add relevant hashtags to your posts to “join the conversation” and gain followers interested in your topic.

? Consistency is extremely important when posting on this visually-based platform. Even if you can’t commit to posting every day on Instagram — that’s ok! The important thing is to keep a consistent schedule and aesthetic to maintain a loyal following.

What to post on Instagram:

  • High-quality imagery of travel that captivates your follower base
  • Personal travel photos to add the human element to your brand and agency
  • Photos and testimonial-type content from your happy clients (with their permission, of course)

How to Use Each of Your Social Media Platforms


Trend-based and supportive.

Twitter is focused on “what’s trending.” Hot news topics, controversies, and short-lived memes… If it’s “buzz-worthy,” it’s on Twitter. Due to the short and succinct nature of tweets, this is also a great channel to gather feedback and offer customer support. You can share similar content to Twitter that you post on your other platforms while also using it to stay responsive to customer questions and concerns.

? The key to a successful Twitter account is to stay on top of responding to your clients in a timely, helpful manner.

What to post on Twitter:

  • Links to content either on your website or other travel-related sources
  • Questions to boost engagement and gather information about your clients’ travel needs and preferences


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