Make Another Booking Like This

There are going to be times when you want to sell an itinerary with the same flights as a booking you’ve already made. Perhaps a client asked you to make a booking and canceled it without payment, now they want to go. Or maybe a family has booked and been ticketed on a trip, but another family member decided to join them. Rather than using the search tool to get the same flights, Centrav has a tool to make this easier for you! It is simply called, “Make another booking like this.”

  1. To begin select, “My Bookings”
  2. Select the booking you want to replicate by clicking “view”
    1. Note: It doesn’t matter what type of booking it is: ticketed, canceled, needs payment–all bookings will work to replicate, the travel dates must be in the future though.
  3. Once you view your booking, you can make another booking like this by clicking “Make another booking like this” on the right column of your screen.
  4. It will give you the option of selecting the number of people and the type of travelers you want on your new booking.
  5. Select “Price”, it will price it at that day’s prices, not necessarily what you were priced at previously.
  6. At this point, all you have to do is input the traveler information, click “book” and pay for.


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