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Top Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

Top Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

For all the conversations about the vastly fragmenting digital market, the fact remains that email campaigns are still a highly relevant, powerful, and inexpensive method of reaching customers and getting them to check out your content. Indeed, Email can be an exceptionally good way to connect with a variety of audiences – but only if done right. As such, here are six great ways to improve your email campaigns.

A/B Test

A/B Testing means that you take a small section of your list, alter one item (most likely the subject line) and see which Email is opened or clicked on more. You then use that subject in the Email to the rest of your list. This makes sure that you are using the most relevant subject by and testing to see what text works best. You can also do this with the body of the Email, including formatting and more.

Segment Your Email List

As people subscribe to your list, tag them by certain factors that you can sort later. This is how you can segment your list. You can do this by items like “prospects” or “return customers.” From there, alter the content, depending on someone’s segment. This ensures that your content is as relevant and targeted as possible.

Have A Highly Visible Call To Action

A call to action is easy: “Click here to download.” “Click here for more information.” You want to make sure that the call to action is emphasized in some way. If it’s the same call to action over multiple emails, make sure to alter the text in some way to keep it fresh, relevant, and noticeable.

Use Emojis in Your Subject

You may have noticed that more and more of your emails come with emojis. Believe it or not, using emojis in a subject line can increase the odds of an Email actually being opened. This is probably because emojis are somewhat unique and can help to grab someone’s attention.

Monitor Your Analytics

Every Email marketing program comes with some sort of analytical suite. Make sure to track these analytics and use it to determine what works and what doesn’t. This enables you to actually adjust your Email marketing and change it on an as-needed basis. Important metrics include open rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rate, and more.

Don’t Just Sell

One of the worst things you can do with any digital content is to only concentrate on selling. This is a guaranteed way to fail. If this is what you are doing, reconsider your approach. Instead, concentrate on different facets of content, like giving useful information, tips, discounts, or advice. This can position you as a market leader and encourage people to do the most useful and valuable thing when it comes to Emails: Actually open them!


There are always ways to improve your email campaigns and make sure that your email campaigns work better for you. Just remember: Email is only as good as the time you invest in it. Make sure to put in effort and resources behind any email campaign, and you are more likely than not to have that effort rewarded.


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