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Travel Advisor FAQs: Why use Centrav vs directly booking with the airline

Travel Advisor FAQs: Why use Centrav when I can book directly with the airlines?

A lot of travel advisors may question how do I book air for my clients? Do travel advisors book directly with the airline or do they work with an airline consolidator? Many travel agents use Centrav to book air easily and profitably. Using an airline consolidator like Centrav offers published and discounted fares ONLY to travel agents.

“Why use Centrav when a Travel Advisor can book directly with the airlines?”


1. Centrav has Consolidator Fares!

Airline consolidators are a discount channel for international flights. If you buy directly from the airline you miss out on the great savings and markup potential offered to you through a consolidator.

You can save your client money and make a profit!

2. At centrav.com, add a markup, service fee, or commission on every fare you sell!

If you book directly with the airline they only sell no-commission published fares. This means there are no discounts, no commissions, no private fares, and you can’t add a markup that is hidden within the airfare as one charge on the client’s credit card statement.

3. Centrav agents are knowledgeable and experienced.

Our agents average over 10 years in the travel industry with extensive experience in international and domestic travel.

When your client needs to change their booking at Centrav, it’s comforting to know you’re dealing with someone with years of experience.

4. Travel Advisors won’t lose credibility with your clients

Booking airfare is a skill that you can develop. Centrav is dedicated to training you and helping you look good.

When you book directly with the airline, your client will wonder why they should pay you to do what they can do themselves.

Check out centrav.com’s professional tools designed to facilitate your air sales process!

5. At Centrav.com Travel Advisors can cross-sell Airline Alliances.

When booking on an airline website, you only get access to that airline’s flights and their code-share flights.

What is an airline code-share?

A code-share is an agreement between two or more airlines that allows one airline to market the flight and collect payment for a flight operated by another airline. AKA more flight options for you and your clients.

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In this case, booking directly with the airline would limit the flexibility, pricing, and itineraries available for your customers. YOu get multiple alliance combinations on Centrav.com!



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