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Best COVID Travel Advice

Travel Agents Share Their Best COVID Travel Advice

Travel Agents Share Their Best COVID Travel Advice

We asked travel agents to share their best COVID travel advice, and wow they came through! The top two recommendations we saw over and over? Be patient and get travel insurance (find out how to get travel insurance for your clients here). There were so many good answers, we had a hard time picking. But we’ve picked some of our favorites to share with you below. We especially loved the last one so be sure and read through to the end — travel is back, smile!

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Best COVID Travel Advice Travel Agents Give Their Clients

1. Know COVID requirements for every city on your itinerary

“My best COVID travel advice to customers is to know all the COVID requirements of your destination and every city you land in on your itinerary. For example, I only needed a vaccination proof in Croatia — but needed a PCR test to transfer flights in Amsterdam.  Know it, have everything printed and be ready to present to the ticket agent who is checking it all off on a list. Be prepared and know it to avoid being denied boarding!” – Susan Rutan, California

2. Know COVID requirements for all of your carriers

“When traveling overseas by plane, check with the actual carrier for the requirements to get onto the plane. I was not allowed to board a Turkish Air flight from IAD even though United gave me a boarding pass and had pre-approved my COVID test.” – Steve, Florida

3. Pack in case of a surprise quarantine

“Take 2 weeks more of the medicines than you will need, in case there is a quarantine issue along the way.” – Joy Lingerfelt, Washington State

4. Stay cautious 

“I think that my best advice to any traveler is to continue to use the precautions while on vacation. Don’t go to enclosed places, such as bars and clubs that are not practicing social distancing.” – Tameka H, Alabama

5. Use a VIP/FastTrack Service

“If you are traveling to a country where you can purchase VIP or FastTrack service, do it. These services provide a guide to meet you as you declare and to get you through the health, passport control, and immigration lines. If there is a problem, they know the right contacts to solve it. FastTrack in Barbados solved a few problems so I could embark on my Seabourn cruise.” – Beverly Morabito, Florida

6. Check your vaccine cards

“I recommend that travelers check their vaccine cards to make sure their names and birthdates are on the document.  Recently, my client was held up at embarkation because her card did not have her birth date printed on it. She was able to board after a brief consultation with cruise line staff.” – Toncie Roberson, Texas

7. Keep your card on you

“My best COVID travel advice during this time is to always travel with your vaccine card. This way they will be prepared to show it in case of a sudden change of rules while traveling or if a location would possibly ask for it while they are at their destination. Better to be prepared than not! I also supply my clients with a plastic card carrying case too in case they don’t have one.” – Lisa Chalko, Indiana

8. Get your passport updated ASAP

“Don’t book a trip without a renewed passport in hand! And ALWAYS purchase travel insurance, especially post-COVID.” – Brittany L. Texas

9. Make sure you have your health insurance

“The best advice I give my clients is to make sure your health insurance is active and able to be used in the event there is a need for the health insurance.” – Shatika A, Alabama

10. Be flexible and use a travel agent

“Remain flexible and have a plan B. In the event one is delayed or detained, one must have the means/mindset and the ability to pivot while traveling. My best advice to do so is to hire a professional travel agent/consultant so you have a lifeline to take with you in the event things may happen that are out of your control.” – Timi lee Hunt, California

11. Pack your patience

“I give my clients some packing advice: don’t forget to pack your patience, kindness, and grace. Things are different this summer; while travel is back, not everything is restored to “business as usual”. Staff and resources are scarce, prices are high, and everything has an extra layer of complication with COVID protocols and procedures. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can. Be flexible, and extend kindness to others — it will go a long way. Setting expectations helps my clients prepare for their trip.” – Pamela Fierro, Virginia 

12. Follow the protocols… smile!

“Approach your traveling with an open mind, follow all of the COVID protocols out there from the airlines. Expect, in some cases, delays due to the current employee shortages. Patience is a virtue! Travel is back! Something to be very happy about! Smile!” – Kathy Moultrie, Alabama

Shawna Levet

Shawna is passionate about helping travel agents grow their business and expand their knowledge as travel experts. She has been in the travel industry since 2011, helping agents and travelers alike find the best negotiated airfare and travel coverage to meet their needs.

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